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English OK I just want to show you a couple of examples of some nice benefit-led copy out there in the world and let's reverse engineer it so you can understand how they got to it No Squarespace is a really good example. So one of their features is they offer award-winning design. That's great. But you know, what does that actually really mean for me? So if we take that back to our 'So what?" grid we place that in the features column and we ask "So what?", we get stand out with a professional website, portfolio or online store. So award-winning design is a very factual thing but it doesn't mean a lot until you think "well, if they've got award-winning design then my website is probably going to look a lot more professional. You keep asking "So what?" And you get: look like an expert right from the start –because what's the benefit of having a professional website. Well, people are going to trust and respect you more. So that's the deeper emotional benefit. So what they do on the page is they lead with that deeper emotional benefit because that's the bit that will hook the customer and the feature is very, very small almost grayed out here. And then below that we've got, again, more lovely benefits and some fantastic call-to-action options below that. So a really good example. Another good example is this copy here for Head tennis racquets. Now, I'm not expecting you to read this yourself right now but I have included it in the resources section so you can go and check that out. And what I've done is highlight the bits that are benefits in blue and the bits that are features in red and that will show you how they have intermingled them throughout the copy to present the logical and the emotional benefits of buying this tennis racket and it becomes as a result of very effective and persuasive piece of copy. So hope that's useful. Do go and check it out and you can download the "So-what?" grids and fill it out for your own projects. I hope that was useful and I'll see you over in the next lecture.