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An introduction to project Management

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The Agile Methodology for Project Risk Managers

The Agile Project Management and Risk Management for Project Professionals Full Course

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  • 1. get familiar with the agile approach and learn about agile models and methodologies
  • 2. understand agile project management and the adoption of agile practices
  • 3. apply scrum management principles and manage the scrum process in action
  • 4. practice agile planning and integrate the initiation and requirements gathering activities
  • 5. employ activities specific to agile iterations planning and monitoring
  • 6. understand agile teams and manage agile team performance
  • 7. use tools for active stakeholder engagement
  • 8. manage delivery of value and quality
  • 9. understand project risk management
  • 10. identify project risks
  • 11. perform qualitative and quantitative project risk analisys
  • 12. plan project risk response
  • 13. control project risks
English [Auto] Well comebacks in this video we'll discuss some basic notions regarding project management just to make the connections of project risk management within the large incertain if it's the basics for you and you don't feel the need for the thresher. Please feel free to skip these people. It will help for sure. Our That did not attend formal project management training. So a very bearish presentation of some project management concepts is was. All these concepts will be used later on and without the project management lessons will be very very difficult. Therefore define projects problems and portfolios will see exactly what he is and what is not. The project management. Some considerations. Water guns ations and project management will be followed by the presentation of concepts like Burgett phase or project lifecycle. Before presenting the project management knowledge Arrius we discussed the project process this and will detail that for Watchguard the most relevant parts. As part of this introduction earlier video shows presented of the MBO definition of use. Again it might be very simple but from experience I know that confusing. Not that uncommon. So let's see what approach we aim to learn how to manage project risks on certain events situational conditions with a potential positive or negative effect on scope's schedule cost and quality. But what is a project called you to be nimble. Five project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a new product service or resolve and resolves of any of the specific characteristics of our project and the difference between projects and operations. Every function in modernization has an operations dimension and projects. The major difference being that operations deal with day to day activities and for the war duction our service delivery. For example developing a new course is approaching. But once we sent those into permanent calendar of a training company just apologize the activity became more or less permanent and repetitive organizations might also have problems which will go to the other similar projects and work just to ensure battlement even bigger organizations will have a portfolio of products and products and also specialized structures to match these business portfolios. Smoking was more clear. If we take one comp on the table what is Google sports for. What might be a problem and what could be a problem. Not that complicated program could be developing an operating system and it happens. Some projects will form this problem. One of them could be. It's more by his or. Mobile version of the operating system or the company will decide the exact structure of the match and use program with other legal problems. He'll form Google for Forth. It's just one of the potential examples from a very wide forgie of projects problems and so forth. So urgent is a temporal and therefore undertaking to create a need for that service and ruza. It has a team of staff and the feeling has a well-defined scope and activities and is distinct from the operations. The mention of one of them is the next important concept. Project management is a very very clearly defined by being able approaching management with the application of knowledge skills. Most of that needs to project the activities you need the project required. Project management will therefore be the application of risk management knowledge skills tools and techniques. The project activities in order to meet the budget required. Project management these realize 2:47 project management processes and we will see later on which one of those project management processes I am the project manager has the responsibility to choose the appropriate application of these processes depending on the specificity of every board. Cease all of these project management forces you realize the project risk management plan risk management then the firms management quantitative risk channelize is quantitative with scandalise plan with two spots and control based. Just to give more details but without being limited to this project management practice means all identifying requirements addressing needs concerns and expectations of the stakeholder. Setting up maintaining and Kingo communications managing stakeholders meeting pro-Jew requirements and creating Burgett deliverables were important and also important balancing the competing for the constraints scope quality budget resources. Leasts one goal option is that an organization will create a temporary structure to manage projects that so-called project based organization can have a functional structure. A line manager will supervise the project putting the purging and all of its structure. The project could use resources from decent useable them zation and the functional manager generally are not or can't have a lot more or less this season. Or we can have a structure where the project manager has greater authority in terms of using resources to achieve. It's very important to mention here is that Project management is part of the organizational governance and projects and problems are undertaken achieved Jeep organizational objectives and are part of the information or strategy all this greatly increases how a project is initiated Lance executed monotones and closed and organization or strategy defines the project that will achieve the objectives. Projects are initiated plans executed call them implodes within an organizational framework which in accordance to its characteristics will determine a certain course or another for the nation for practical. You go to your organization for example or the project of every single bit different in different organizational conflicts. The project manager needs to develop the ability to effectively project management tools and techniques and just see you risk management or risk of the organization will treat differently risks. So the project will be different within a functional structure. The line manager decides on risk management is different than the other. When a project manager. The absence of organizational risk management practices for example will also make the difference. And these examples could continue and and influence of organization on projects or more specifically the characteristics of the organization on projects will be immense. At this point we started the review down on this one. Introduction to project management file associated with this video and please follow the instructions. Well I'm back now. Well the project is we've used this expression many thoughts. What is the project. Who was the person assigned. By the performing organization to lead a team that is responsible for achieving the project objective if it's a small project you can assign yourself of course the project manager because the link between the strategy and the team and generically new project managers have those possibility to satisfy their needs just needs the needs and vision. This is why the project manager needs to be able to understand on the block of knowledge tools and techniques that we can know. That's good practice although we so long will not be sufficient for effective all good manners. This is why project manager needs to have an area specific agenda of management also and a very long list of either personal CVS leadership team building division communication influencing decision making political and cultural awareness. Manimal and is not alone. Bogyman the project the recruit's the project manager and a group of individuals flock together performing the work of the project to achieve its objectives include. Therefore the project manager the project management staff and all of the members will carry out the work. But we are not necessarily involved in management of the and this team can be fully allocated to a project or two or more or less the extent it can be partially allocated to one or more folgen. And even if some functional rules again except for a small project where you might be project manager manager and the other important concept or project management one that we need to fully understand the project lifecycle the phases to which approach it passes from initiation to closing the life cycle can be broken down. Two manageable Barth's needs to be documented and these diversely shape by various organizations. But Scroogie life cycle provide the generic Flame-War for Project math projects are different the size complexity scope and context but the generic bulgin lifecycle has the full faith. Starting a project organizing team preparing Jarrin got a budget for amts causing the pro-Jew and this year more about these next to me. Are the needs to be voted on. There is no standards for budget leftside. Some projects are ended after the service the produce or the result is finished. Relax say the scope of the project is to operate a piece of software. Once upgrade realize the project and other projects can be just a phase of product or service that is edge research and development can be a project in itself and the face on a long list of phases required by the mission for the forces. Taking this into account we can see phases overlapping we just start for example start training while still building work facilities. Or we can have Project phases in a sequential order construction phase. For example start only after preliminary authorization phase has in the last cycle itself can be productive but if the when everything is clear from the beginning of the plans of your project and everything can be fully implemented without major changes building that really will be an example lifecycle can also be dirty or Intiman thought when intensional some phrases are repeated and each iteration incrementally builds up deliverables for project regarding the development development of a new school can have many iterations and incremental improvements until finally delivers expected results. This can be a very good except for the lifecycle can be adaptive. It's not the planning these resouce it's just easy not to make major changes and to use adaptive methods in a rapidly changing environment. In this case the Rivoli deliver delivery will be pretty all the time. For every iteration of the project and the customer is fully involved in the forces the capacity building project for example might need to be very adaptive to make the day during the next two weeks but each one fundamental project management of course project is project processes are either related actions and activities performed to create pre-specified produce solution or result in a project. Some of the some processes are stickly management oriented and ensures effective projects although some are product oriented as specified and create the broad and just to be sure. Remember there are fine project management process groups nation planning execution monitoring 8.00 and wolves and there are 47 project management processes and we will sit together the list check your supporting documentation for full use of the project management forces. One the things worth mentioning about project risk management is that the processes that form this knowledge area are spread over all the forces. And you will see these in your documents. Now this propaganda video is download the practice to introduction to project management file associated with this video and photo fotch. Welcome back. Lastly the knowledge arts project with management ease and knowledge. He's one of the men required for Project perfection. One very important but part of a larger body of knowledge so important that even be my project management needs to do choose to offer a distinct certification for the one that cannot function. Each time the 47 project processes are grouped by knowledge. Actually as you see from this image we actually have a knowledge area by the process that keeps that helps us understand the logic behind all that knowledge of this is the very short program management introduction. We discussed some important concepts like projects programs portfolios what management organization and project management project phases project lifecycle for the processes and project knowledge. The next video we review the relevant inputs tools and techniques and outputs for the following knowledge. Our project integration management project Skop management project plan will continue the practical exercises using templates and specific tools and techniques for the realisation of at least the outlines of the following documents for project charter for project idea. The project management plan and the project schedule. Next the.