13.2: Draw Shapes Using Textbox Object

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English [Auto] Hi welcome back. This Listen we look at how to draw shapes using the X-boxes. So if you don't know how to draw these kind of shape these are all defects boxes. So it can actually be really creative and then create the text boxes with different shapes. For example here I can add some text. I can say a little. That is absolutely fine because of that X-Box and that is only one text top ticket here not all worldling any text optics and transparency or anything like that. These are pure X-boxes. How do you draw these objects. So you can draw a circle. You can try different shapes. You need to make sure you are in advanced mode. So if you're going to document properties and then look at this setting right styling mode this should be advanced. So let me show you how I can use this styling more. So if it's simplified do you get anything here right. So you see them as square objects. But if I go back and change the setting to advanced so I'll go back and selected ones here and see the shapes what come back looking. So as long as your document properties settings are set to advance you would be able to draw these objects. So once you have advance setting what you do it's a text box object. If I go in if I click on Properties and then look at the layout gap and you see I have drawn the corners on sites and then the square Nessus to and the relative percentages and so that that's exactly what's happening if I want to change the shape. I would just be select one of the corners and the shape changes or the center of the other corner and the shape changes. So you can use that on the corners and then you can also use the combination of squareness as long as you said the relative was in two hundred bosomed And if you believe with the corners and the squareness there are different options so you can change this or two and then the shape will change if you change the tree. The shape would change further. So depending upon what shape you're looking at you can pretty much get lots of shapes. So try and play with this. It's really cool. And you can create some cool X-Box objects in different shapes. So have fun with the design. Thank you.