what are I/O ports and how to code I/O Port 0 ?

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What are 8051 I/O ports?

Learn all about IO port 0.

What is Open Drain? 

How to write program for 8051 IO ports? 

How to use Sublime editor?

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8051 Microcontroller

Learn, Code, Test, be 8051 expert

01:31:55 of on-demand video • Updated March 2018

  • Program 8051 IO Ports 0,1,2, 3
  • Use built-in mikroC libraries
  • Program seven segments and character LCD
  • Program serial port
  • Program different modes of timers and counters
  • Program Serial port interrupt
  • Program two external hardware interrupts
  • Program timers interrupts
  • Things that you need to know only when programming in assembly will not be mentioned, example is Register Banks.
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