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Lecture description

In this lecture we will learn how to inspect elements in Android application using UIAutomatorviewer tool.

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Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android&iOS + Jenkins

Automate Android native application using Cucumber, Appium and Ruby + Bonus iOS Setup!

06:07:01 of on-demand video • Updated March 2020

  • Know how to use Appium framework with Android os
  • Know how to automate any Android application using Appium
  • Know how to use Cucumber framework for any testing project including Selenium
  • Know how to work with Android real devices and emulators
  • Know how to use Appium inspector and Uiautomatorviewer to identify elements in application
  • Know how to install all required tools to begin test automation
  • Able to Implement scalable framework using Cucumber and Ruby
  • Know how to use Appium gestures: swipe, scroll, tap
  • Know how to setup Jenkins server
  • Bonus: Setup project for iOS app with basic elements
English [Auto] Take place in this lecture we will learn what is your estimate or Bugher how to use it. And why you doing that then I will open the visor to show my attached Android device. And when they open the unit converter app will see all elements inside app that will want to interact to create an automated tests. So let me open terminal and the if you type you're a waiter buger and hit return. You will see an app that is part of Android is decie And if you press on this I can see why screenshot what's going to happen. It will find a device will take screenshots of these and the old structure for our elements. Let's expand that and inside you I have made the review on the left side. You will see all elements and on the right side you'll see three or parent element child and them going to Bottomley child of Child child of child except in the right bottom corner. You will see Robert you poor element. For example let's click on that magnifying icon and you'll see that this element of resource I mean it has class. It has content descriptor and other properties. Mostly they use a resource agent four hour course and the content descriptor to allocate those elements. So APM we will say it you find that element by a resource idea or by content descriptor. And do some actions. Is this element like clique clear send keys etc.. Also will learn how to find parent element. For example this view group and inside your group we can find Star why we need this because if we have multiple elements with the same content descriptor for example surgery combined to search buttons. So sometimes we want to locate an element then inside parent like a child element. So for this lecture connect your real device or launch your simulator. Open your eyes tell your and just play with it. Let's jump to the next lecture to show see how to find elements in IBM.