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The simple app has all the necessary components for us to build a much more interesting program, like the old-fashioned Mad Libs® word games.

Try the challenge problems at the end of each section to extend your learning even further, and write code that's even cooler!

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Teach Your Kids to Code: Learn Python Programming at Any Age

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English At the end of each section you can practice what you've learned and create even cooler programs by trying a couple of challenge problems at the end of section one here I've given you a challenge problem to write a Madlib program. Mad Libs are fun word puzzles and word games that you can play with friends or play alone. In this case we've changed our your name program and instead of asking for a name and taking some input from the user we're asking for an adjective a noun and a verb. So first we have a line of comment Madlib that P Whitall let us know what we're naming the program. We've got an adjective that will take input asking the user to please enter an adjective and noun that says Please enter a noun and a verb that says Please enter a verb ending in e d. Then it prints your Madlib followed by a sentence using the adjective. The noun and the verb to type this in. Either from your screen or you can go to teach your kids to code com and download all the source code files you'll find. Challenge one Madlib. In the end of those files and let's save this and run it while the program asks Please enter an adjective I'll enter smart enter a noun. How about teacher and then a verb ending in e d. How about sneezed. My Madlib is the smart teacher sneezed over the lazy brown dog. That's pretty fun but I'm pretty sure you can make it even more fun. So play with this program change it up add a few more parts of speech as questions or input add a few more things down here to print out even more parts of speech in the Madlib. Play with this a little bit will learn how to program from scratch starting in section 2.