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Tableau Masterclass - A case study and Dashboard actions

How to master tableau dashboard actions and solve a real world case study using Tableau Prep for data preparation

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English [Auto] Helen will come to this part of the course and in this chapter we want to dive deep into action filters in Tablo. OK. Because I realized a lot of confusion out there on how to use it properly. And that's what you got to learn here. OK. So let's get into it. What that first do is I connect through my data source and I'm going to Microsoft Excel in my case and I'm selecting my master class training file. Ok so now we've got our data and we've got different tables from the data set. And I will use my oldest tables so I simply drag and drop it and place it somewhere here. And I got a preview of my data source. So I can scroll to the right and can see all my data that's fine. OK. What else I got. I go to Sheet 1 now and now I could say I'd like to see for instance a map right. So I have my custom my and gets the globe I can use so I can simply double click on it and I get my map here already and current you can see that I see here. For any one America it's German for United States of America. So what can I do here. This is because of my Windows settings. That's true. But in case you are living in a different country and you like to choose here. For instance a specific geography what you can do is simply go to a file here and then can see workbook local instead of Artomatic. In my case it's German. You can simply go to more. And then he can select the specific country you want to take go to. Right. In my case let's say I go to you English and say send it to United States. OK. A take on it. Click OK and click OK. Yes. And you can see now it's called United States here Canada Mexico and so on. OK. So I got my English. Well translations for the countries. All right. So far so good. Now what I want to do is let's say I'm using my sails and I drag them to the color shelf here so we can see all the countries your and can see the sales. And let's also just. Yeah that's Draculas to labels well. OK. So we also can see now the sales for specific countries. And the one unknown is simply because they have no value. So basically in my data source I can speak like this and hide it. OK. So because it's not in the map itself because there is no country zero. OK. So all right. So what I want to do is the first filter I want to show you is basically the Eurail filter. OK. So what are you going to do is you go to work sheet in this case just realize the following. We could also create a dashboard like that and drag our sheet into the dashboard like that. And let's say I make is the entire screen so let's say this automatic gets it here and then we could also create our ection filter here. So basically we have two options how we can create action filters we can either do it within a worksheet or we can do it within a dashboard so both as possible. The difference is simply you go up here on the worksheets and you select. In this case actions if you want to place it on a worksheet or if you want to place it on the dashboard you go to the dashboard. And he's a dashboard and then you select actions here. But beside this it works exactly the same. OK. So let's say OK. Now create the dashboard so let's use a dashboard. So go to actions here click on actions and then I can add an action. So basically I click on this and then we have three different options of actions and we will dive deep into all of them. OK. But for his first action that's simply use a go to your. So what I can do is you select. Go to your L and then you need to specify a name. Let's say the Kapiti PDA country OK simply name it this way. Just to remember and to find it later on if you have a lot of action fills us in your workbook then you should always name them properly so you will always know which action filter belongs to which action actually. Right. And just in case you want to edit them later on. And also for your colleagues. OK. So be it. This is the name. It's on my dashboard one that's true because this is the dashboard one. And it's also it's also an cheap one if I have several sheets I could select and select the sheets but this is something we take into. We take a look at it later on. OK. For now I have my feet once selected that's fine. And then I can define how do I want to run the action. I can either run the action if a Hobba country if I select the country with my mouse or on the menu. So if I click on the country and then the menu opens and then I can also click on the specific action to trigger the action. So in our case that say I'll use it unselect. So make some most sense. Sources say select and then I can specify Eurail. In my case I already copy paste it here which is HTP English Wikipedia and then the United States. So if I go to my my browser I could simply use this and type it in here and I go to the United States right. So this works fine but I go back now because this is hardcoded it's currently hardcoded to the United States. So what you can do is then simply get rid of this hard coded value here so delete it. And please keep this that shear. And then you simply get here in this case one of the dimensions you have within your. OK. These are basically the things you can add here to your hyperlink have to be in the view. So in this case it makes sense because we have custom a country so I can simply select because a country like that and then I click OK. OK. That's everything we to do click. OK. OK. In this case and then what you can do is simply click on a specific country. For instance United States do this again and you can see that now the hyperlink opens to United States. OK. So if I go back to Tablo. So like that again de-select in the United States and then for instance go to Canada select Canada and you can see we go to Canada. OK. So this works perfectly because PDA is just one end point. Of course you can select several sites depending on what you want to link to. You can also link for instance to a specific site on your typical server. This is also possible but the PDA is just an easy going way here right. That's why I want to show you. OK. So that's the first action which can be triggered on. As I said before on a worksheet or dashboard both as possible which is simple your election. OK. So now you know how to use it and you can use it in your next visual. OK. So as always. Thanks for watching and hopefully see you in the next video. Until then best guys.