What are physical relief strategies?

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In this lectures we will explore the reason why moving is one of the most effective strategies to deal with stress

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English [Auto] The second release strategy the physical one is based on our body on our muscles remember why we experience stress. Basically it's a response to a possible threat. Right. We're preparing ourselves to fight or flight our body just push the turbo button so we can run faster hit more accurately feel less pain and so on. On the physiological level which totally boosted adrenaline and cortisol are rushing through your veins. Oxygen rich blood with tons of glucose are reaching our muscles all ready to explode to go the extra mile and then nothing. Nothing. Because instead of outrunning a pack of wolves we're sitting at our desk answering in e-mail instead of fighting off a sable to Tiger. We're having a phone conversation with an unhappy customer yelling at us the whole physiological pep talk has led our body to the boiling point. We need to let off steam. And the best way to get rid of these hormones to diffuse them is to do what our body was preparing us for. The more the better. Don't be afraid to sweat. Sweat contains high levels of adrenaline which is perfect to bring those hormones back to an acceptable level in our bodies. And what's even better. Not only does physical relieve diffuses stress it also better prepares us for future stress and helps fight depression. It is by all means one of the most effective strategies that can be used as it also builds up resilience towards future stress. In the next lecture we will go over some ideas to blow off steam and have that body moving as it was meant to do.