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English [Auto] Welcome to the testing word. In this session we are going to understand how we can set up a ruby programming environment for setting up Ruby programming involvement. We need to install ruby. We are going to install ruby on a Windows machine. We are going to get Ruby installer which is a easy file which we can use to install ruby. So first of all I'll show you how we can download and install ruby moving to the Google download of Ruby for Windows and I'm going to the Ruby installer dot org G. Here we are going to get the latest installer. I'm going for two point four point one. I'm going to click on this download and that's the latest installer. My machine is 64 bit machine so I'm using 64 bit installer just click on this it's going to download this ruby installer and the five stages it print six M.B. I'm just pausing this recording until the file is download and I'll continue once the download is completed once it is downloaded just click on the installer. We are going to get this one button click on the send button except license and I'm just following a straightforward steps in which I just click on the next it will take some time to complete the installation process once installation is done. It shows like it is installed successfully just removing this checkbox. Ruby is installed successfully on my machine. Next is we need to enter a ruby part into the involvement verbal. So first of all I need to check where my ruby installed so I haven't started this to for 64 bit. So I click on this previously I have installed the ruby as well so it shows multiple install installations. I'm just using the latest one and here go to the bin. And here you will get a ruby dot easy file peg this path. Copy this path and setting into the enrolment verbal for setting the normal variable go to my computer's properties at one system setting and Walmart wearable. And here we are going to get a variable with an import go to this environment verbal more at the start. So I'm on a starting position semicolon and before the semicolon I'm giving that path there is a part of Ruby location whereby Ruby dot exist placed. And don't forget to mention the semicolon. It is differentiating my ruby path with all all the existing path. So we just need we need to write this semicolon over here. Okay. Okay. And this. Okay. So everything is done. We have performed two steps. We have installed Ruby by using XY file. We enter Ruby path in dynamic verbal. Now we need to check Ruby Watson means Ruby and success successful you're not for that you can go to the command prompt and check Ruby hyphen we so I'm starting a command prompt and here I'm writing Ruby hyphen re and we are getting the latest wisdom which we have installed so Ruby is installed successfully on my machine also I'm going to use Notepad plus plus a notepad plus plus I'm sure everybody is aware about the notepad plus plus. So it's a free software we can download this Ed and I'm going to use this notepad plus we're writing our code. So after Ruby you just need to set up this notepad plus plus if you don't want to use this notepad plus plus you can use simple notepad which by default comes with Windows. I would prefer to go with the notepad plus plus because we are going to get through advantages over here so here in the session we have set up Ruby and I was shown you apart from it. We need notepad plus plus there is all we have for this session. Thanks watching this with you.