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English [Auto] Hello and welcome to the next series of this course I'm super excited about this one in this series we are going to talk about the five business foundations and you might be wondering what they are. But before I tell you that I really need to reemphasize and mention that taking action is so important. Guys I'm honestly speaking here if you're not going to be taking action you're not going to get a lot of value out of this cause if you're not taking action from the books you read. You're not going to get a lot of value from the books you read. If I go and teach you how to lift weights right and I give you a proper the best personal training session of your life. But and then the year that goes past year and into the gym yourself you're not going to have got a lot of value from that training session I gave you. Unless you go and apply what's already been taught. So in a video series good and bad reason I attach to of document of good and bad reasons in dates How's Ricci going rate and I've also encouraged you to go ahead and write down those reasons somewhere on your laptop or on your book. Make sure you become crystal clear with what the good reasons are that you're studying this business because there will be a source of motivation when things go bad. Now let's get started on the next series again. The five business foundations. So what are they. Number one your idea. What is your idea. And do you have a good idea. Number two what problem is your idea solving. If you're not solving a problem your idea will not sell. Number three what is your product or service. Are you going to choose a product to sell or are you going to True's to sell a service number for who is the market you are selling to. Do you even have a market number five is your massive vision becoming civically out with having a massive vision and why having a massive vision is super important to business success. So without further ado let's get started.