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English [Auto] Working back in my Start to Bousquet work we are entering first year student because we are entering progressively the third Moo-Moo of these Moog is these are creative commons so feel free to share them. You can make any money out of it but you can you can you can use them as soon as you mention. So it's the third of our move is about being able to give a small shop pitch in less than 30 second pitching was ideal starter Haftar is a very important concept is something that you will have to do very very often. We will see later in this book how to reach investors for instance but very very basic things you should be able to do is to pitch simple 30 second version of your of your start. Now what's that [REMOVED] [REMOVED] [REMOVED]. Elevator refer to the 30 seconds wonder. This is a short description of an ID typically project where you start to. That explain your idea in a way that everyone is able to understand it in a short period of time. Why is it because you have to talk a lot about your project and is it will be a bad excuse that you will have to use it many many many occasions when you meet customer when you meet re-inserting journalist when you meet potential new employee. Exactly like you will need to be a specialist of business model finance marketing and they are which is basic skills of any and open today and you are ready. You never know who you meet. The lady is at a time you should be able to give a short version 3 of your friends. How does it work. 30 seconds. This is both very long and very short. You cannot invent on the spot. So you said this is something you need to think about before you make it to early career and you should be able to deliver it like this. The goal of a 30 second pitch is really not to tell everything but to create enough exciting enough interest to get your audience. You should maybe have two or three versions of your search is a [REMOVED] depending on who you talk to. If you need to list if you need an investor if you need an employee you need the potential customer. Maybe you should get three to four different version of you [REMOVED]. Do you see good as no end the five minute and a half an hour. No pitch must be Rusko day. Everything you should catch. Catch the attention. The goal of the pitch is to make decisions right. To give a first interesting idea and to move to the next phase a 30-Second Pitch. Your ambition is to get attention and be able to have the next meeting be a lot of attention to the Virgo in the DCU and its true in five minutes becomes more important. Do what you do to people makes a lot of your communication and the 30 second pitch. You should not need any part and you should be able to just read like this which is not true for a five minute pitch of a longer pitch. Well I personally strongly recommend to use for point because half of the people are more visible in half of the people are more listeners and as you know who you talk to in your pitch is very useful to combine this role and non-visible. But for a 30 second pitch you should get a story ready that you can just the river like this was news. Now what's the structure of a good 30 second pitch. First of all you need to have a good understanding of what you will. That's why we want. We first spend some time on the business model canvas and we work about a lot on defining precisely what's what's your what's your business or what you intend to do. For me a good 30 second pitch should contain a certain number of them. For instance you should get your project name and what it's about you should say to whom you sell why you are so and who is buying the seeing yourself product and services you should express why people buy it. What's the pain may some kind of uniqueness why you and maybe some item on your business model. It's a lot and it's very short let's think so. Example baby sitter don't you. This is the name is a Web site is a block for ok for you for parents who are looking for last minute baby sitter in the neighborhood this is the problem you try to fix. Why are you the our baby sitters are certified. And we are already present in 60 large cities. And in terms of business model you don't have detail but you see Chase a subscription and we do what subscription. We understand that you get some kind of rigorous reviews. You see very very short story just the right detail and it give a good a good understanding of what the visitors. We don't know a lot but we know enough to know if we want more and more of the example hottest reader a good 30 second pitch. You should say your dream project is and what is this. It's a store. It is shops manufacturing service providers of friends shy. It's a platform it's a Web site. Supporters of broker low proof incorporated their values kind of come by by putting yourself in that kind of company. You help also to well understand what kind of company you are. MARTIN To be is a service provider company targeting freelance worker overwell was tape and cannot afford a full time office manager. MARTIN Don't be quite extreme. A unique concept based on part time employee. We have a franchise model as you know we here we do not explain the concept of extreme. It's an invitation to talk to you more but we basically understand that you provide services for freelance worker Ali. Ali that is a motor bike manufacturer targeting bikers doing the combined 40 50 men we wanted and the pain that it is providing is looking for freedom more than bike. Ali it's an easy way of life in a community. We make money based on motorbike but also on brand much merchandise. As you start to understand that so is not just a the bike. This is some see more and you see how powerful a 30 second pitch may be easier to design manufacture and sell furniture to a large number of customers who are price insensitive. Our products are made. Why are we unique of standart to Poland and really to us. Our business model is based on proficiencies of Asia and so forth. So what do I expect from you now. I expect you to turn your starter page in 30 seconds. Babysitter. Easy is a website for what your customers say Mum was paying you address. Give me some on how you are unique and tell me what's your business model and give me some insight on your business model. Very very important. It's a pretty complex exercise if you can do a 30 second pitch. Probably you have really a good idea of your position and if you cannot do that go back to me and see you look really really into what's unique What makes you special. Because if you're not special we'll see it in the next chapter. You'll probably get a problem to get a lot of customers. Ok working properly this was percent 90 percent work. Boss you're pitching like try don't ask your friend to miss more if you like this one posted on you to get people feedback get people feedback from your friends from Facebook. It's interesting to hear. And don't be worried that anyone would steal your ID. Most of the ID as we have seen it in a previous chat to get value by holding it. Zeke you did not buy the idea. Did you read. This is already you know the short term but you have a serious they do so I really wish you good work. Thank you.