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English [Auto] That you may be wondering what you actually need to have in order to start in essay business. Now there are certain things that you want to know and there are certain skills and tools that you'll need someone to look at what those are. So you can make sure that you're completely set up the first and most important is going to be of course sitio knowledge you need to know what it is that you're doing. Now if you don't have any experience you don't know SBO at all or you just have basic experience. We're going to look at what you can actually do what your options are. But you will need some SEO knowledge whether you are actually going to be doing the work yourself or if you will be outsourcing the work and having someone else do the actual SCEA work while you are marketing your business. So that's going to be very important. Now another skill that is very very important but often very underestimated is great customer service because there are so many people in this business but they don't provide good customer service. They are not there when their clients need them. They don't follow up with their clients. They don't send them any reports. They don't call them. They don't email them. Or if their client contacts them they may not hear back from them very soon. So having that ability to really educate your client and to be able to communicate with them is really what is going to help you keep your clients. So you're going to need their CEO knowledge so that you can get clients but you really need that great customer service so that you can keep clients. And throughout this course we'll talk about the customer service and the things that you can do to keep your client happy. How you can engage with them. So we'll get more into that in a bit. You also need a professional web site. You are providing a service you are offering to rank other people's Web sites. So if you don't even have a Web site of your own that will look a little funny so you do have a place where you can really talk about your services and you can showcase your abilities. We are going to look at what elements you actually to have on your Web site and we'll look at some examples of some actual SEO companies and how they've set up their website and what is good about them. You'll also need a project management tool. There's a lot of free ones that are available out there so that you can keep track of your projects as you go you can know what projects you have and the status of them what needs to be done for each. This is more and more important as your business grows as you take on more clients. And if you decide to start incorporating a team that becomes even more important and of course you need to have some sort of way to invoice your clients to accept payments. Obviously you want to be paid for your services. Again there are a lot of free options available. And as far as actually collecting the payments you have some low cost options there as well. Now you want some good as CEO in reporting human tools and you're of course going to want to have knowledge of how to actually use them so that they'll benefit your business so that you can get the most out of them. So again there are free and premium options and we'll look at those in a bit to what the analytics is also something that is very very important to it as your business really being able to understand web analytics being able to understand where traffic comes from how users actually interact with the site what the different web metrics mean so that you can translate that into actionable plans for the website or for how you're going to drive traffic. So that's so the web analytics kind of go hand-in-hand with that as the knowledge in my opinion. Now I also think it's very important to have a plan for continued Barton and this is really no matter where you are in the process if you're an advanced CEO if you're someone who's just getting started you really can never stop learning as this is really an ever changing field. So what I like to do is actually schedule time I actually put a time on my calendar that is recurring every single week and I spend that time reading I spend that time testing and that is my time where I can turn off my phones turn off my e-mail and really just focus on continuing to learn. So this is if you're getting e-mails throughout the week that provide valuable information or you're taking a course or you're actually testing out different techniques. I like to just keep all this in one place and save it for that learning time. That way I'm not distracted at a later time because I could be in the middle of a climate project by see a really interesting article and I get tempted to take my time for the article when I really should be focused on my client. So having that planned that scheduled time is very very helpful. And of course lastly you need a marketing plan and you need to know who it is that you actually plan to serve. Who are your ideal clients. And then you need to figure out what your plan is for getting in front of them. So look at that a little bit later too. But of course your clients are your business if you don't have clients you're not really in business so that is very important. Now notice I didn't say that you need a lot of money really. You could just start with the $20 or so grab a domain and set up a hosting account or you can set up your Web site. And really the rest you can just use free tools. Now of course if you want to or you can you can spend more money and really invest in some great SBO tools out there that are really going to help you get the job done. They might be more thorough and they're really free up your time so you can spend more time on other client or marketing but it's not a requirement if you don't have the money or you don't have enough clients that you really think it's worth it at this point. So we will look at some options coming up at some free and premium tools that you can use. And then you can decide for yourself what you think is going to be best for you and your existence.