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English [Auto] Thank you so much. This is Stan use there once again and you went through what I call the promotion invitation to the class on St.. Entrepreneur the things you need to know to be successful as an entrepreneur from ancient times to right now times to going forward in the future. What do you need to know. What does it take in terms of discovery and design and doing so that we can make our mark in the world. Now this is the introduction the invitation promotion. Now let's go into the introduction. First of all up very quickly and simply I'm Stan Stan usage my name. For years I have been a teacher an international broadcaster a business performance coach a writer speaker helping people discover what it is they were made to do create the plan the possibilities and the processes so they could build a life and a career and a business that works for them create their own personal economy and I am now doing more and more of this phone work. Do what you love do what's fun teach and greet and meet with people all over the world through online education. And so I bring in my many years of broadcast teaching and consulting and coaching experience right to you online. Thank you for joining me. One of the things that I discovered during that particular times of my life is just how I began the promotion invitation. Let me tell you a story by the way that's very very vital. Now we're saying saying entrepreneur but Richard Branson is no saint. He's I don't believe so he's certainly with that claim. But recently Richard Branson one of the world class runners simply made this statement. If you can not tell stories if you are not a storyteller you will never be successful as an entrepreneur. Now as I used to say on the radio I want to hear that again. If you cannot tell stories if you are not a storyteller you will never be successful as an entrepreneur. Now let that kind of sit on your head and then perhaps it will sink down and purveyed and youll have to deal with it. That was my story and it gets people's attention. Get people involved. And by the way the power of a story is everybody can identify with some aspect of a story and in doing so they bring their own story to it. Sometimes we have what I call share the shipwreck and thats where people of success talk about the time when they were shipwrecked when all came apart and how did they survive the shipwreck and some people had bigger shipwrecks. Now there is but the fact that we talked about having a rough time going through difficult times having almost lost or having lost everything and then trying to get to shore and rebuild the ship and the ship shape of our lives. I went through some very difficult times and here's what happened to me and this is what I'm going to ask you to begin to do when something doesn't work. Just simply prayerfully Thought Police say what happened. What happened. Don't blame don't necessarily try to explain just simply notice and observe what happened why did this happen. Again don't get in the blame game either. Other people yourself would observe what happened. Well here's what happened at least to me. I realize that hey since I'd been so successful in so many parts of my life why did this thing go wrong. And I came to the conclusion that perhaps I needed to know more about success. I mean I had done successful things but I had never purposely set out to be successful and to achieve and sustain success. It was interesting to me. I just kind of you know dealt with a day and dealt with it well and landed up in pretty good places. But I can't believe that I ever had a real strategic thoughtful plan. So I need to learn about success. So here's what happened. I started searching. I mean I was a good student finally. I had been that greatest student in college or university but I was a student there. Now this meant something. This is motivation and money and all those things I needed. I had a wife and two children and I had to do some things. Well hey let's move this thing along. And so I study. I read hundreds maybe thousands of books. I listen to all the audio programs that you can. I mean you name it. There are probably not one that I'm not familiar with or haven't read or taught or explained and all of them were very helpful and useful in some ways which you know what finally it struck me one time when I was involved in reading the Christian scriptures I came across what I have now called the Leadership memo and all of a sudden the four or five things that were important about success just hit me. I mean it was true. For me it was the aha moment. And I said that's it. Now that's why this course is also a challenge course. We're going to enter into the realm of spiritual emotional and professional development. And that might be a little bit uncomfortable for you because you may not really believe that as a significant part of life you may not believe as I believe that we are not human beings who can have a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings who have a human experience. Now that's the fundamental framework that I understood that we not only were beings that were being things we were also material beings who literally had spiritual Rook's transcendent realities. And that's why this is a challenge for some of you will not be comfortable. Maybe you either leave the class if you're smart and I don't mean to be snotty about that but hopefully you'll be open to at least listening and discovering. I remember a thing I also learned. Everything can be useful even snotty nasty people can be useful even things I disagree with can be useful. So what I'm going to do in this short course because you're busy. I'm going to share with you what I learned in this management leadership memo from St. Paul. That's right. They named a town after him in Minnesota. They named a big city Sao Paulo after him in Brazil St. Paul in his theology in his missionary speaking and traveling. He was also a business man. In fact that's how he made his living. He was a businessman an entrepreneur and in his leadership work he put down clearly and powerfully the principles of true success. And in this challenge course I'm going to share what I learned from St. Paul about not only being an entrepreneur but about what it then finally helped me to understand and say yeah that's it. Those are the things the vital things you need to know about success. And after that as one of my mentors would say. Everything else is merely detail the depths the dynamics the deep rhythm the things that are important. They're all there and everything else is detail. So I hope you'll hang on in the next few presentations. I'm going to go through the four maybe five but primarily four things you need to know and do to be successful in a difficult and shipwrecked world. You can still achieve true success create those things that will make for the life worth living. So I hope you'll join me. It'll be a challenge. It will be things that will stretch you. I guarantee you it'll probably change your mind and in some ways maybe your world.