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SQLite Fundamentals - Comprehensive SQL course on SQLite

A comprehensive course on SQLite Fundamentals and SQL

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  • Learn to write SQL queries in SQLite database
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English [Auto] In this lecture I'm going to show you how to download and install a skylight. OK so first of all I'm going to open the Chrome browser here in the search engine I'm going to write as you like. So the first link that will appear will be askew like dart or do w w w dark askew like dark or G. So I will open this homepage. So here I will click this download section. So since I have driven those operating systems I will download this Eskew like tools then take you to Linux for Linux. This for Android this OK. Since I have the Windows machine I will download this. OK. Click this. It will take some time to download. Look download has been completed. I will just copy this and paste in the D directory. So this has been copied extract to escalate tools. Okay. It has been extracted so openly so I'm going to have these exact files inside this folder. So just change the name here of this folder a skylight like 3 copy this and paste in the directory. Just remove this okay. Remove the irrelevant. These two now I'm going to have this folder escalatory folder for inside this folder I'm going to have the exact files. OK so now I'm going to set environmental variables. So what I'm going to do I'm going to open the control panel. Take care. Go to the system systems system. So inside the system I'm going to click view advanced system setting environment variables searched apart. This section. Okay uh DoubleClick. Now new give the part here. So the part of this is askew light three. I will give the part here. And new. Okay. Okay. Check again. Look part has been added. Okay. Okay. So next I'm going to open the command prompt CMB. I'm going to just write escalate three command is to like three. Look escalatory has been installed on my system. Vision is escalate version 3.0 9 D'oh. Oh okay. This is the latest version of escalatory. So in order to quote from this I will just write dark quite soon. So now you have installed escalate on your computer system. Next we're going to see how to create a database. So first of all I'm going to create a folder here name folder is database for inside this one that I'm going to create database so d deck's top. So the name of all that is C D database. So let me just change the name the database database. OK. C D database. So here I will create the database. I'm going to use S2 like three command escalate three. Then the name of database lets say the name of databases. Dice dice. D'oh. D.B. look database has been created. Now I'm going to show this database here in this directory. OK I will use dark databases command door databases sorry dart databases a B E S yes OK look uh it has been displayed inside this folder. Ok. Now I'm going to create a table in the dice database. I will use. Create table command CREATE TABLE student. So the name of table is student ID then the bracket I.D.. Integer coma Student Name. Name var chart. OK then. So a semicolon at the end. So this is how you will create a table. Okay. Table has been created now in order to display the table. I will use dark tables command door tables. This will give me the list of tables present in the Dice database. Currently there is only one table which is to the table. Okay. Now I can use the insert command to insert values in this particular table. So INSERT INTO name of tables to dent values to I.D. one two three. Name is john legend John. Okay. Semicolon ending. So this is how you insert values in a table. Okay. So in order to see the scheme of this table I will use dart schema command. Okay look this is the scheme of table. Okay. In this way you can drive the skill commands in the command prompt. Likewise you can use some tools to write these commands. So hope you understood this lecture. Thank you so much and have a great learning.