Download & Install MySQL 8.0.11 on Windows 10 Operating System

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Download & Install MySQL 8.0.11 on Windows 10 Operating System

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To write and execute SQL statements on our local computer we need to install MySQL server on our computer. Follow the steps given in this lecture to download and install MySQL database server version 8.0.11 on Windows 10 operating system.

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Before we start learning a skill we will require my securing database server installed on our local computer so that we can practically write and execute those statements. In this lecture we will learn how to download and install it in my securely database server on a computer running Windows operating system. In my case I'm using Windows 10 64 bit operating system. You may be using a different version of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8 whichever Windows version you may be using. The installation steps will be similar. Open your browser and enter my scary dot com. This is the official website of my school which is acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010 and downloads me in. You will find my school community edition GP a title followed by the download page link. On this download page there are several products by my school but we are only interested in downloading my school community server so go ahead and click this download link. On my school community site will download page at the time of recording of this video. The latest version of my school is my school server eight point zero point eleven. If you find a newer version you can either download the latest available version or you can download my school 8. 0.1 one from the lectures the resources or you can open these looking for previous GA vergence link which will contain all the previous versions of my skill from select operating options. If it is not selected to Microsoft Windows and the recommended don't look title you will find my skull installer for Windows. There are also zip archives available for download but we will download my school installer MSA this go to download page link on my school installer download page. I've downloaded the latest minuscule eight point zero point when Virgin says there is no 64 bit installer available though. I'm using Windows 64 bit operating system. I will go ahead and download 32 bit installer again here you can see there are options for downloading the Michael installer. The first one with less file size is MSIE filed on the order which will first install the file downloader and then actually download the My School installation files while the second one with large file size is there direct my school MSIE installer. I will go ahead and download the direct MSIE installer by using the given download reading. If you want you can sign up for an oracle way back on. This is an optional step so I will keep the sign up window by clicking this. No thanks. Just take my downlow reading and save the file to my computer to save some time. I already have downloaded the file on my desktop so let's start with the installation W-League the installer to start the installation. The installer will extract the files in the background and lines the installation in a couple of minutes orderless. If you get Windows security message like do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device. Click yes. Here we have the installation window we must accept the license dumps in order to install and use my school server on our computer. Select I accept the license terms checkbox. Click next on choosing a set up type window. There are five different set of types there deliberately before it will install all my single product or development the product like my skills or my skills heal my skill router my secure what range and so on. The server only option will install only my SQL Server well-planned only option will install my skirt length product used to connect to my single server. The full install type will install all the products and features Eveleigh label with this installer. We will select custom type of setup so that we can customize the product and the path for my school next here on the left side column we have available products for the installation. Click the plus sign in front of my skills or worse under my skills or what my skills are what 8.0. Select the appropriate SQL Server for your computer. If you are using 32 bit operating system then you may get here in my school server it point 0 1 11 x 36. In my case I'm using 64 bit operating system so the installer might actually give the option to install my school software. 8. 0.11 XT 64. Select the mice good sir we're working on every label for the installation. Once you select the my SQL Server make sure you click this green right arrow button which will include the selector softer in the installation follow the same steps for applications. My school workbench my school workbench. Eight point zero and my school work bench eight point zero point 11 x 64 right Green added Button click next depending on pre install software. You may or may not be required to install other essential software. Here in my case I need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package select the required software and click this is your button select. I agree checkbox and click Install button to install the software. Close the window once all the required software installed successfully. Click next button. Now the setup is ready to install the selector products. There is my SQL Server eight point zero 1 11 and the magical workbench. It went 0 1 and the exit button. It will take a couple of minutes or less to complete the installation. Both products install successfully. You'll get the status here. Complete the math skills are eight point zero when one is complete and my skill work bench eight point zero when one installation is also complete. Next. Now we are on product configuration window where we can set up my skill port number root user password and much more click next to start a conflagration on the application window the sandbox I entered your set of option is for this thing and I know because it's letter select standalone my skill set it click Next on pipe and networking window and server configuration. Select their Lubman computer that they're Lubman comprador uses minimum amount of memory the server and decode and compare that options are mainly used for VIPs servers some applications or computer use IP address and port number to connect to remote host or data exchange by default. My school is saying the port number 3 3 0 6 in case you already have started my schedule on your computer you'll see a yellow mark over here. It means the port number 3 3 0 6 is already in use in that case you can change the port number to other than 3 3 0 6. In my case since the port number 3 3 0 6 is already in use I will change it to 3 3 0 7 if you don't see a Lamarque. You can keep the default port number that is 3 3 0 6 all the other options are fine. The next as of an eight point zero my scale by default uses a search to encryption matter to encrypt and store database user passwords. Using encryption is more secure compared to the previous versions of Maskell if you want to use older encryption matter to store your database use a password select use legacy authentication method. I will select Binu and default option which uses the strong password encryption next by default. My skill creates a user name root user which acts as an administrator for all my security databases in order to log in as root user and access administrator privileges. We were required to say to use a password here I researched my user password here. You can use your own password but make sure you remember the password or knock it down somewhere. We really need this password log in to Maskil database server using root username. We can also add a new user by clicking this. And he was at Wetton enter user name host and select rule to set privileges depending on the rule of the users. We are not going to order the new user now because we will learn how to add new user and set privileges using a SQL statement in a separate lecture. So the Council of Britain and click next the window service option creates a new window service instance with the given name make sure start the mind good so what ad says Don't start a checkbox is Gigue so their demise will sort of start and romantically when your operating system is starting. If you uncheck this option every time when you have to use my school server you'll have to manually start the my SQL Server from Windows services. The default option for run Windows service is fine. Click next. We will not change anything in plugins and extensions window. Click next now the installer is ready to apply the configuration settings we selected in previous Windows click the exit button. Apply the configuration settings. It will take a minute or less to apply the settings click Finish button click next. If you encounter any error message while installing my SQL Server or Epling configuration settings check out the question and answer section off or of course if the question related to same error message had been asked before. If you can't find the question feel free to create a your caution with screenshot and error messages you encounter. I will do my best to help you as soon as possible. Uncheck start of my school work bench of no set up option and finally click this finish button to complete the installation process. Here we successfully completed the My School database server version 8 1 0 1 11 installation. Now open Starkman and at all programs my secure and open my secure point zero command line. Enter the root user password. You say while configuring my school server if you successfully logged in to your SQL server you'll get this my scalp from and now you are ready to start learning Asgill. You can also click an open my school work bench the same way go to under all programs my secure and open my school workbench eight point zero see we will learn more about my school workbench later in this course. One last thing before we stop here in Windows by default. Line client how small window do edges the width and height of common length and window right on top and select Properties. Under the old tab you can Ajay's the window size and height according to your needs. You can also change the color and forms of the command line client window play around with the settings and make sure you have a bigger window with color and forms of your choice. Next section we will start learning a skill with practical examples.