Installing SQL Server Management Studio

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Now that's the back engine has been installed, we've got to install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), Visual Studio, and SSDL (SQL Server Data Tools). It takes around 30 minutes, but here's the edited version.

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English [Auto] Right now, Ezekial Server has been installed, we can click close and we go back to this menu of items and what we need to do now is install the front end, and that is Ezekial Server Management Tools. So I click on that and I get onto this Web page. Now, if you don't have this so I'll just close this. We can find this very easily by going to Google and typing in SS s and you should say ask your server as well, because there is more than one type of SSME. So you can see we get to download Esequiel Server Management Studio. So you can see we've got the latest version here. Now, the latest version keeps updating every two months or so. So it may be a completely different version to the one that you've got here. However, it doesn't matter. They're all basically the same at the intermediate level. So in terms of styling, in terms of other things, really, Morseu changes happen in the back half of escarole server management studio s connecting to databases. So they're all going to be two programs which are going to be installed, SMS and Azure Data Studio. So as your data studio doesn't have to be used with this year, but it is a cut down version of exosomes which is focusing on creating select statement. So if you want to do anything else, you'll find it's not as useful as SSME. And quite frankly, I just use SSME for everything, so I just click on it so you can see it's around a hundred and forty megabyte download. Now, if for some reason you find problems with the latest version of SSME, then scroll down the page and you will see a link to previous versions. Now, you can only have one edition of MS 18 on your computer at once, you can have 18 and you can have 17, but only one version. So if you have, say, eighteen point six and you stole eighteen point eight, then the eighteen point six gets upgraded. So going to pull the video while it downloads. All right, so now you can see SS, EMS has just done a lot, so I'm going to click on it. It's going to ask me if I want to make changes, so the answer is yes. And now we've done all the virus checks and everything else, you can just click install. So if you want to change the directory, you just click change of eyes, click, install, and it's a very smooth download. And in so hardly anything to it, so you can see it has all been stalled successfully so close. So go to the search pond type in SSME Eskil Server Management Studio 18. Click on it. And it opens. Now, you need to then say, OK, which instance are you connecting to? So if you're connecting to your default instance, then you will either be using probably localhost one word or just a dot. Otherwise you could click on Browse for more connections and then find a connection or you might be given a server name. So let's click Connect. And here you can see we are connected. Now, I should also have a look at the actual data studio as well, which has also been installed. So what we need to do from here is new connection and the server. Again, I'm just going to put a dot, going to leave everything else as is. And Heikal, I am now connected to my instant using as a data studio. Now, as I said, there's very few changes in your server management studio in terms of visuals or anything at the intermediate level. The biggest change really has been a restyling of these icons. So now we have installed Eskil server, the back engine. We have installed Escarole Serve Management Studio and digital data studio. However, for this course, we also need to install another front end. We need to install a front end that can handle all of SARS, SARS and SARS. And we'll be doing that. Installing Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, which again is free in the next video.