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SQL Server Reporting Services Part 1 (SSRS)

Learn how to create from simple to complex reports for your business decision making needs

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  • Install SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, create from scratch simple to complex reports that allow the upper management and end users to make important business decisions based on the reports generated
English [Auto] Work and John to become your production as will there is a minister my name is Raphael. This next series of videos now is entirely devoted to the next chapter of as well and that is as Cuil Server Reporting Services or SS arest. So let's begin by asking what is also reporting services or SARS. And then look at some of the advantages of utilizing this tool. SS already is one of the engines that comes with as Q server one we've already discussed overseas. SS M-S which is surreals as Q Our server management studio and we've had several dedicated classes to them. And now we're going to discuss this arest. The other one is after this class series is going to be SS I asked which is escuchar Server Integration Services and then the last one is going to be yes. Q All are are a which. SS Orie which is as Q As server Analysis Services. Now that one we're not going to do is more related to business intelligence. Even though our reporting services is relatively be-I also. However this is something that a deal is administered in a production deregister minister may do in his job and it certainly is advantageous to have Reporting Services and integration services of of the form. SS A S is not necessarily absolute but I would certainly recommend you learn these also. And you just enhanced your activities of getting employed and learning a great tool. So let's quickly start with what is s s r s s s r s is a server based report generating software from Microsoft and as I said is a package that comes with a skill. So you don't need any additional applications. SS RSA enables users to quickly and easily generate reports from the databases. So obviously when you have databases and you have various tables those tables themselves is just raw data and raw data is useless because you turn that raw data into what's called information. Now obviously we've gone through this process with the various videos that we've talked about the previous courses where you take raw data integrity information. But now as this arc comes in and we take that assess raw data changed information but we take it another step and we illustrate through reports that visual graphical representation of data and this is a great enhancement for upper management and so on. SS our service provides a unique interface yet utilizes Microsoft Visual Studio so that developers and administrators can connect to the databases and use these tools to format the queue all reports in many complex ways. And I'll be showing you a couple of couple of pictures to demonstrate what kind of tools you like and allow you to produce various reports. It is administered via web face to a web interface so that's a great way of X. allowing the users to access the reports and it can be proven right away in Elsie's interactive and then you can print reports also. So again I'll be showing that in a second. So what are some of the advantages of using SS orris. Well remember virtually all small to large sized companies collect and store data whether it's a mom and pop store or Facebook or anything like Amazon Google or any of these high very high functioning companies to make sense of all the data that is collected and be able to make an effective business decisions. Users and upper management need combined data from various sources to make important business decisions. And again this is the importance of using SRS is that when you've taken that raw data put into information and give it in a sync sinked fashion in a synoptic sense to the upper management. They don't want the raw data. They certainly don't want them tons of data that you produce when you users are utilizing. They basically want graphical representation of the data in a synoptic sense. It's synopsis so that's important business and I'll be showing you that in a second that would make little more sense. So this is where Eski as SRS laws administers to create and present reports that will aid the company. It's a comprehensive reporting platform where reporters are stored in a centralized web server. So this is a service engine that you would dedicate a separate server for SS or S and that be a great thing and I'll show you how to do that also. The great benefit also is that once you have these assets or reports they can be rendered in different formats and you can have a render to his G-mail PFC s v and so on. And Microsoft Office Excel and you could dump them there and then actually distribute them to users and think in a timely fashion and I'll show you how to do that also. And this is what I mean by sending it out can enable automatic delivery of reports via e-mail or by sending it to a fileshare where they can access the report so this is a great tool and it's a very very powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Users can interact with it to some degree is still a basically a read if you will but there is a new interactive soring features allow us to sort the data in ascending or descending order and then I'll S.A.G. create more complex reports I'll show you what's called Dreux Dark Horse which is the great option. It allows users to select something from a drill drill down option rather than manually type it in. And that saves a lot of time. And then honestly this is where the greatest enhancement in the SRS is that it provides safety for company data. Now security is an essential thing when you have data for a company. So as SARS implements the flexible role based security system model to protect reporting sources only users have access to the databases or tables or objects controlled by the administrator. That is you can access the report. So even though you created all these reports it's not that users or anybody can access this you must provide security and accessibility to those reports before they think before the users or upper management can do it. So again what is Escurial reporting services. Just remember SSRI Starns for as cures Server Reporting Services and is primary purpose is to distribute and generate reports. Now let me show you walk in reports. I just got some graphics here. This is a simple report that you can create as you can see it's just got the headers and has got a header names here and it's got raw data. Here is a very simple one. As we get a little more complex you can start using what's called charts and gauges. So now this has become a little more complex if you will. As you can see this is a very informational not this is how your upper management will want to see the data. For example sales by city Anchorage and so on this is also just an example but you get the point. They're not going to want to know the raw data that weren't working with or the informational data. They just want to in a synopsis and then you can slide this and it's a very in and to fix 2016 her face has been improved. Here's another one we're Rikan do the sales by countries and you show actually the graph. And this is what's called a bubble mapping and I'll show you how to do that also. So as you can see these There's a tremendous amount of reporting utilities that you can use at present. And we'll be discussing that and by the end of this course you'll be able to understand why our reporting system is how to enable it how to distribute it and how to actually create these simple. Well there's another one here. This is a quarterly report as you can see and this is the database that we'll be working with the accessories bike and so on and we'll be creating very similar reports like this. So these are some of the examples of reports that we were talking about and I'll be demonstrating that to you. The next thing. So once we have done that you'll be in a great position to have this pre-arrest me also and I'm going to leave it there right now and the next thing we're going to do obviously is install ask your server 2016 and I'll show you a few steps that need to do that and then will start with reporting system. So I'll just leave it here and we'll continue. So my name is Raphael and this is how to become a production. Ezekiel Davis and Mr. Xenix radio.