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  • Esoteric Foundations of Ten Spiritual Awakening Practices
English [Auto] What is shamanism shamanism is a agent and traditional form of seeking knowledge from the spirit world shamans will often alter their consciousness on purpose to expand their selves to connect to a different plane a different dimension of existence. The term shaman is said to have native from Siberia so shamanism is about connecting to a higher plane of existence and through that you can then bring the knowledge back into this 3D world. It's also the shamans job to heal people. So the shaman is also a healer. They will usually heal people using herbs and creating natural medicines out of those herbs. It's also the shamans duty to heal patch. Mama now patch of Mama is the ancient pre Incan Goddess. This goddess is actually mother of itself so the shaman is very in tune with nature very in touch with nature and they will protect nature with the means that they can with their community with their love with giving up good positive energy and rituals and so forth. They will also feel patch a mom or talk to patch of Mama Hill people and speak to spirits why connect into the spirit world the spirit realm. How did they do this. Well is important to know just how if you become a shaman you are actually connecting to that spiritual realm. Otherwise you will get lost in your ego. Now can you actually connect to that spiritual realm collective spirit guides. Yes in a word. But also no word because when you have the experience of connecting to a higher entity or spirit entity or you delve into the spirit realm noticed one thing that is consistent for you being new to you being you in another dimension you speak into a spirit guide. What is the consistent thread that runs through this. Let's say you altered your consciousness to fly inside a bird's body. There is still something that is consistent throughout all of this. So this is why I say you can actually experience these different dimensions but also you are not experiencing them. I said yes and no because it's not you that is changing. That is the consistent thread throughout all of these changes. There was always you that believes you are limited this you that believes you are speaking to a spirit guide there is you that please you are flying inside a bird's body that's you that I did not change the experience change of yes I am just a limited person I am just Winston I am just Kelly to Oh I am floating above my body oh I'm flying condo's body oh I'm speaking to my past loved one it's always I always that me is always that that central self that you are that is always present if you become a bird then you only know you've become a bird because you was also that I that was not a bird if you are in a spiritual realm you only know you are now in a sport to a realm because you were that was that same I was not in a so-called spiritual world so that I never moved. This is what I'd like you to really understand if you get into shamanism shamanism is as I say is awesome for opening the mind to greater possibilities but never lose sight of the eye because you cannot lose sight of the eye but you can seemingly lose sight of the eye if you believe that it is you that is on a journey it is you that is in the meditation walking to you that is now a bird it is you that is speaking to a cross relative you are the witness of all now in true on tampered shamanism I have to say that this will be explained to you that the essential eye never changes experiences are taking place within the unmovable true eye that you are then you use the knowledge from these plays of consciousness you could call it to help others in the normal three new world that's fine when you know this but try not to lose yourself into the shamanic world or you will get lost you will start to believe that you are this identity called shaman is just another label that can be removed can be reattached and removed so it's not essentially what you are. Use it. Have fun with it but never lose sight of the true eye that you really are.