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English [Auto] What all past lives. Do you have a past life. Well people are teaching that you have a plus life. People are charging money to tell you about your past life such as mediums and past life regression. Now I'm not going to give here. I'm gonna go straight to the point and say past lives are not what you think they are. You do not have a past life. There is simply life constantly happening various expressions of this source of creation the source of life itself. And because you are that source you as the source can experience life through one of the many expressions that have arisen out of you. Well so what I'm saying is you say your name is Winston or Kelly you Winston Kelly cannot go into another life. You basically does not have a past life because you Winston or Kelly or whatever your name is. Your given name your chosen name are always going to be Winston or Kelly because that reality has to exist. If not then that would mean the source of creation is not unlimited which is ludicrous. Of course it's unlimited. This very moment is proof of it. So there are all of these different. Let's use the word realities is reality right now of you listening to these words looking at your device. There's also our reality of you turning this video off. There's also a reality of you thinking well this course is great. There's also a reality of you brushing your teeth. All of these realities exist when they exist right now because time you have heard already is a construct you've heard or whether it is a concept but do you really understand why this is true why Time does not actually exist or break it down for you right now it's so easy to see the past. By definition is past is gone it doesn't exist. The future by definition has not arrived yet. That does not exist. When we say now we are seeing now because it's not the past because it's not the future. But my friends if the past does not exist it is future does not exist then it makes no sense to say now because now is in relation to a past and the future of the past doesn't exist. The future doesn't exist and is not being felt now to hold onto to say it is now. Thus we can say it is always now or never now because there is no such thing as time I go into that much deeper into my other thoughts. So it cannot be a past life anyway because there is no time you can you can see that with simple reasoning as I just gave you so can you experience yourself in a different body with a different society. Yes. Hundred percent. I have but as I said it's not the you. Karen Kelly Jamal has traveled to another body the U. That is consistent from this moment too as in this personality that you have now into another personality in another body that you is the background is the the consciousness of the mind with all his memories and personality. So because that background of the mind with its personalities personality because that background is distinct from it different minds can play in front of this background of the mind. So at one point you could be perceiving us as pure imperturbable infinite background could consciousness at one point you could be perceiving in the mind of a Larry in a body a white man's body then you could be perceiving the experience of a Larry in a black man's body. Then you could be speak perceiving the experience of Kelly in a woman's body etc.. So the consistency is that background of experience of the person I spirits myself once as a so-called white man I say so-called because I don't believe in labels too much anyway. In America I was living life as a white person in America. It really shows you how silly racism is because we are we can even switch bodies let alone. Race is a construct. So yes but again it wasn't me tiger that went there. Tiger was always in this reality. But I as the eternal witness of tiger then witnessed this other reality of this other person in America and people have these experiences all the time. You may have had this experience where you are suddenly in another body was suddenly in Africa. I mean ancient Africa was suddenly in the future it's not that it's ancient Africa it's no it's the future is simply another reality because the future is also now ancient. Africa is also now because there is no time for that unlimited source of creation. How can a limited ness have a time. You see how ludicrous that can be. It's so past lives are not what you think they are. It's not a you know person travelling into the past you are that constant ness about perceives different realities fly in front of it or appear in front of it. But with from within it shows the possibilities are made out of the substance that you owe to your consciousness how to do this how to actually travel into different realities. First of all you are constantly doing that and you're doing that right now. We are now in a reality where this question has arisen how to do it so you always see many different realities but how to make the big jump and go into a quantum jump as they say to another body. First of all you have to understand that the doing it is never the person the mind the memories of the set because that itself is being perceived that itself is not truly what you are. It comes down to meditation as instilling the mind didn't affords only in that. Can you then be out of the solid belief that you are suddenly full of totally because the word here that you are stuck in this body when you dissolve that and merge again with that pure consciousness that you are then any possibility is able to occur. And when I say meditation I don't necessarily mean you have to go on with many forms of meditation by simply being singular focused. It can happen when you're just washing your dishes not think of anything else you just looking at a particular spot in a dish and empower you in a different paradigm but be happy when you're just daydreaming then you really think for a second that you are in that dream is actually in a certain extent you are and you really go deep so yes I hope this helps you understand the chief of postulates that who lies existing right now for the unlimited source of all so it's simply a limited source that you are that I am that same source is simply experiencing different expressions of if and again by definition there are limited ness of the universe the source of order this cannot run to time so things can not appear in Time People cannot live and die in time the person's life person's death both of those realities exist at the same so-called time for the source of all and that's what you truly are. So of course you can experience yourself in a different life and even screens herself and in reality where you say it's a past life.