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English [Auto] Thinking and speaking the instructions of and for life closely related to images or thoughts just as life is. Images of the mind expressed. It is also thoughts of the mind expressed in other words life is the mind expressed your external reality is the densest part of your mind without any separation. The separation between you and your outside world is illusionary as we move on in this program. You will come to see firsthand how this is so scientifically and spiritually. Life is your mind expressed the outer world is the densest part of yourself. It is an extension of your mind. When you finally will start believing in the illusion of separation your power will rise dramatically. But even now you may still change your mind to change your world. You will now see how this happens. And as we move on further into this book you will see scientific and further evidence of this. Eventually the illusion of separation will fall off totally and you will have mastered this. But even now just knowing this is empowering. This chapter is of course and how to think in ways that are friendly to the universe and its laws ways that co-create the universe itself purposefully into one that you wish to live in and not one that you find yourself in. In this chapter there will be several mentions of the laws of the universe. These are the laws that you will learn throughout this program and not necessarily in this chapter alone. The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as you listen. OK let us dive into the mind. Your world is the densest part of your mind. Life is your thoughts expressed. Let us paraphrase what we learnt about images over here life the source uses your thoughts as the instructions by which to create your reality in the material world life expresses your thoughts in the physical reality to expresses the make known to state articulate communicate convey the force of life makes known your thoughts to yourself and everyone else by forming them into experiences and objects that can be experienced here in the physical world you experience your own thoughts firsthand your images of your mind so that you may know which ones are suitable and which ones are not. That is how you know yourself. That is how you experience yourself and that is how you grow. This world is designed to enable you to experience yourself. It is designed to enable you to experience an idea and its effects and consequences. Your state of wealth externally is an extension and testament of your state of wealth internally. How clear incertain you are in thoughts of wealth is evidenced externally. Life does not select which thoughts to express and which ones not to. How would it choose for you. It therefore expresses all of them to the extent that you have them and believe them you have true free will. This free will is truly free because of the fact that all of it is acted upon without filtering or favoring free will is truly free because of the fact that it actually gets results all the time. Not just some of the time it gets them exactly to the extent that your thoughts are not conscious deliberate and focused in any topic of life. You will be affected by the outcome of the thoughts of other people and to the extent that your thoughts are clear focused and non-contradictory your results will be sped up. A few people are able to perform what many people call miracles simply by thinking only one way and strongly about a thing. The idea that the outcome of their intention may not happen as they wish it to happen does not even occur to them. For a split moment suffering is always the result of an error in thinking it is an indication of being out of harmony with the laws of the universe. The only purpose behind the existence of suffering is to show a person what a thought is in error and alert them of the existence of a higher thought that would serve them better. Suffering stops as soon as the higher way is found that higher thought in the presence of suffering. Try not to resist instead examine with an open mind. And the answer will always show itself to you without fail. Concentration gives thoughts more power and speed in achieving goals your dreams thoughts and visions will build your world. You will rise and fall with the rising and falling of your thoughts. Repetition breeds integration in internalisation to attain wisdom. Read this material repeatedly and think in the right way. Over and over again through repetition things are embedded in your subconscious. They crossover and become you. You can predict the future by looking at the thoughts words and actions of today and applying the law of cause and effect to them. You are never denied answers to your questions whatever questions you ask believingly and earnestly will be answered exactly. No more no less. If you earnestly unbelievingly seek and ask how to earn one million dollars the universe will conspire to bring you the knowledge tools people and events to give you that answer. If you ask how to earn a billion dollars you will also get answers worthy of that amount. Einstein was not born a mathematical and physics genius. He simply asked the right questions believingly. You see the universe works by perfect law that never once Irv's nor favors particular people. Once you understand the universe is deeply complex yet simple rules that are perfectly balanced. You cannot fail to succeed predictably. Whenever you see chaos and unpredictability in the universe you're simply seeing something that you do not yet understand but something that is organized and predictable by certain laws. Nothing is difficult for the Source God and perfection and balance is the nature of the source. Hence all laws are applied equally universally and unfailingly ask the right questions believingly and earnestly be specific and do not keep changing your mind. All thoughts count and produce results. Changing your mind all the time confuses the universe. Imagine walking into a travel agency and saying I wish to travel. Then you look at the agent blankly. He or she would be ready to make your reservation but they cannot until you tell them where you wish to go. Imagine you now say Well I'd like to go to Moscow and Timbuktu at the same time. Again the agent cannot fulfill that request. Now imagine you say OK then took me to Moscow. No wait. Timbuktu. No wait Moscow. No wait. I'm not sure I can afford it now. I can no maybe I don't wish to go there or travel at all. This is how many people think all day and the universe is confused by their thoughts just like the travel agent is and therefore produces confused results for them. Whatever you put your attention to gets energy from you Rose remove the attention and it dies. Be conscious and deliberate in this intention goes along with attention what you intend and give attention to begins to become we become what we think about we are the sum total of our thoughts all laws of nature always work. They can never fail even the ones for that would cause chaos in the universe. The nature of the source is perfection. You become what you think about without fail. If you think about wealth without any contradictory thoughts you will become wealthy without fail. Matter is merely materialized thought. Always be calm a calm mind is unaffected by fear causing an anxiety causing situations never proceed in a confused and anxious state of mind. But thought you would have in this state are erratic and suicidal. Calm down first and remind yourself of the laws of the universe before you proceed. Thoughts attract like thoughts souls attract like souls minds attract like minds. It is a reciprocating dance. That is how it works. It is also correct to say that thoughts attract. Like matter and that matter is objectified thought that is thought made into object. Also the body in the world is a denser extension of the mind in the mind as a subtler extension of the body and the world. They are not separate. Use this knowledge to understand and recreate your surroundings. Your wealth and your health. Do not let your mind dwell on dissatisfaction even if you are now feeling dissatisfied then only feeds the maintenance of the dissatisfying conditions. Change your attitude. Look at these conditions as perfect outcomes of your past thought and opportunity to recreate yourself and to thank them for this gift. The combination of intention belief in detachment enables you to move through life calmly knowing that the universe always fulfills your intentions but does so in the most appropriate fashion using sequencing and intelligence beyond your comprehension. Life starts working out and you start smiling marveling at how all things seem to just work out for you when you face a challenge or problem you can relax because you know that it is all part of your intended outcome and it will be solved for you. Even before that challenge or problem came up it was pre-salt. It is only there to take you one step closer to your desired and intended outcome. With this approach to life you will find life working out automatically for you based on your desires and intentions that you back up with belief as you practice this and get more confident and relaxed with this new way of living. Old habits of fear and anxiety and frustration and failure will fall off gradually and you will start succeeding faster and faster and as you get better at and as you become more aware and conscious of your whole self. The time between thought and its physical manifestation will shrink. Ultimately it can disappear altogether and there have been and are people who have showed us this capability. The most amazing thing about life as many have discovered is that the act of creation is very much an act of realizing that something was already there. The universe is designed that way. It is all here now. All that could possibly be a person is able to experience what is already there through choice and that choice is made increasingly possible by increases in their understanding and perception of life.