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English [Auto] Images of the mind the blueprints of life the next step to getting wealthy is to know how life works. In other words how does the force of life take instructions and turn them into things and new moments out of the quantum energy field what type of instructions does life take so that it may create each new moment in your day. In what format and specifications this chapter seeks to answer these questions with you. Are the most basic questions but they must be answered first before we get progressively deeper into the essence of wealth. In fact you may have heard the principles in this chapter before. They aren't really new yet few people understand them fully and even fewer use them despite their simplicity. Although imagination is such a basic part of becoming wealthy it is an integral part. Every other part uses this simple part. At some stage your mind's images are literally the blueprint from which your world is built. In the chapter on quantum physics you see scientifically how physical reality is produced in other chapters in this book. You will also see imagination's interconnections with life. But let us first look at imagination images of the mind in and of itself. Life is images of the mind Express. Life is images of the mind expressed. What this means is that life the source uses your thoughts your mental images as the instructions by which to create reality in the material world. Life expresses your mental images in the physical reality. To express is to make known to state articulate communicate convey the force of life makes known your thoughts to yourself and everyone else by forming them into experiences and objects that can be experienced here in the physical world you experience your own thoughts firsthand your images of your mind so that you may know which ones are suitable and which ones are not. That is how you know yourself that is how you experience yourself and that is how you grow. This is a supreme purpose of this physical world that we are now in. It is designed to enable you to experience yourself. It is designed to enable you to experience an idea and its effects and consequences. Life does not select which ones of your images to express and which ones not to. How to choose for you. It therefore expresses all of them to the extent that you have them and believe them you have true free will. This free will is truly free because of the fact that all of it is acted upon without filtering or favoring free will is truly free because of the fact that it actually gets results all the time. Not just some of the time and it gets them exactly. Later we will see how exactly free will works even when it looks as if it is impossible for it to do so. Imagination is the force that takes you to places you have never been. Napoleon Hill said that imagination is the most marvelous miraculous inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known. Life is imagination. Images of the mind expressed in the physical form feed your imagination daily and accurately. With pictures movies and concentration. Spend time doing this in detail every day. Imagination is the most powerful force and it is so because life uses it to know what to create next. Most people spend little time imagining they imagine using idle thought haphazardly and wonder why their life is not rich for them. Imagination has the power to make or break your life. It is your mind and your choice. Images images images life is images of the mind expressed. Imagine your life as you wish it to be picture perfect with color and details in your mind every day. Spend an hour daily doing your images and throughout the rest of the day. Keep your thoughts in harmony with your images of your chosen life. This is so important that it cannot be overemphasized the source. God works perfectly giving you exactly what you envision and think about exactly. No more no less. It is therefore extremely important that you have crystal clear images and thoughts consistently. For example many people wish to have a nice car but the mistake they make is to have get a nice car as their goal. What do they expect the universe to give them. There is physically no such car called nice car. Be crystal clear. Envision the exact car its make model color options and all that. Go to the car yard and look it up on the Internet and know exactly or as exact as possible what it is you wish to have as a nice car. Then envision that every. The more you think about it the closer you get it to you. This is the effective way to image life is images of the mind expressed you wish to travel to another country for a dream holiday. Go to the travel agency and get all the details from them. Get the brochures flight itinerary prices hotels and car reservations and all that. Build up the whole trip exactly in your mind in full color and spectacle. Life is an expression of inner images. Everything we do and experience is an expression of our images our imagination and our thoughts. Work on your images to change your life change your imagination and change your thoughts the life that you are living is the life that you have imagined in vision and imagine every aspect of your life as you would like it to be do this daily for at least an hour your life is images of your mind expressed to the extent that they are believed. Walt Disney against all odds criticism and a string of failures stuck to his imagination and became the entertainment king of the world. Mickey Mouse was launched at the lowest point of his failures. No one could have predicted that an empire would have been launched on a mouse when we willingly go where our most desired imaginations take us. We become creative forces that have no limits. Albert Einstein said that imagination is the greatest creative force learned to be willing to go where your imagination and desire takes you. If you wish to put a boost to your visualization. Use the 8 hours a day of sleep you have. It is easy to learn how to be awake in your dreams in such a state. You can be the author of your own dreams painting your perfect life and living it during your dream time. Remember that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between real and imagined experiences and dreams can be the best form of visualization. This skill is called lucid dreaming and several books exist to teach you this skill. Have many reasons to live and be wealthy. The more reasons you have the more wealth you will get into instead of having bills paid as your only reason to get wealthy have reasons such as travel. Collect art. Buy homes have beautiful clothes. Express your love to others with gifts. Treat your friends and family to some good things. Buy a boat. Save the Environment and so on. Visualize these reasons accurately reasons convince the subconscious mind the hard to internalize the goal. They also give it working substance. The more reasons you have the more powerful your imagination the faster your results. Surround yourself with images of things you like. Get brochures and magazines of vehicles homes places things bodies sports and activities that you like. The clearer your images of your visions are the clearer and faster you achieve them. Dream big. Hold the dream high enough consistently enough and the dream must manifest into form. By law by universal law it cannot fail to do so. Do not worry about how it is all taken care of for you as long as you do your part of the thinking acting speaking and being in accordance to that dream. Just dream visualize and then start doing something. Do the next thing that you feel you should do in accordance to that dream and keep on moving. The little that you do triggers something else you had not foreseen and on and on this goes until it completes. Are you dedicating at least 30 minutes of your day focused only on visualizing and imagining your future life is images of the mind expressed. Imagination is what designs your life have dedicated imagination time but also hold those visions high in your mind all day long. The world is an illusion as we will see much more clearly as we move on. See it as an illusion believe it to be an illusion an illusion designed to be a tool to know and experience yourself. Once you do so you will always remember to create the next version of the illusion that you wish to have. You literally create the next version of the world by painting your mind's images with certainty. The world does not have to be as it is. It simply is because we agree it is your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a clear and vividly imagined experience and a real experience. Visualization creates a new subconscious. Visualize your wildest dreams and fantasies live large. Back it up with faith belief and certainty. The subconscious mind is where your self-image is stored. It powers your conscious thoughts and your actions reprogram it using visualization and believe and you reprogram your world. Your world is your self image revealed to you in the way that you can experience it. Your life has images your imaginations expressed into physical things. More accurately it is the manifestation of the physical world of the visions. Good and bad that you believe in most consciously and unconsciously. How to do the impossible. Let your imagination fly. Get excited about your images energize them with positive emotion. Emotions are energy in motion. Gratitude is one of the most powerful these emotions and fuse every cell of your body with images and fuse every cell with the gratitude that you have realized your goal already. Even if you're not experiencing it now you'll received it automatically by the perfec laws of the universe even before you ask. It has been given to you and when you act remember to do this same infusion into your actions you choose the images the source God does the work effortlessly and perfectly. That is the deal the conscious mind creates impressions into the subconscious it does so by repetition. The subconscious mind then expresses these images causes an expression into physical manifestation. The conscious does not cause expression. It can only impress on the subconscious using repetition and faith belief certainty. The reason this is so is that the conscious holds all sorts of thoughts. Those who believe in and those that you do not. It is like a wild monkey jumping on very many thoughts throughout a day. The subconscious on the other hand holds only what you hold is truth do you what you believe in. It holds your sponsoring thoughts. That is why only the subconscious or what some call the heart causes expression. Your subconscious only takes in the affirmation and not the negative. If you visualize and set a goal I am not poor anymore. It will only take in poor Instead change that to something like I am rich wealthy and abundant. The subconscious does not internalize not it does not internalize negated sentences it only internalizes I am something not. I am not something. Repetition is power. Concentration is power as well. When visualising your goals see yourself already in possession of what you desire say and think. I am not. I will be. This is critical. I am. Is power. All There Is. Later you will see how this is scientifically so. Now is the only existing moment and all others are illusions. All other things held constant to the extent that an individual or society has positive and grand images in the right way. So will they have wealth and happiness. Now that you have the basics of creation covered let us move on into progressively larger things carry with you what you now know about images for you will need it to keep building your understanding of wealth and the larger lessons that follow will enable you to know this lesson on images even deeper experientially scientifically and spiritually. Let's keep moving on.