Appearance Palette and Graphic Styles

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Appearance and graphic styles work together to speed up production, especially if you need to use the same look across several objects or documents.

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English [Auto] In this section we're going to be talking about appearances and appearances are really a great time saver if you're adding a lot of extra strokes or fills or shadows to any object whether it's text or say a rectangle. So I want to show you how appearances and graphic styles can work together and make your life a lot easier. First let's get a new document open with command in total hit return from the hit T and type a word we'll just put awesome in there. Quick tip if you want to get out of a text box so you can easily choose a different tool without clicking off of it. You can hit escape and now you have the option of changing tools without typing in that text box. I'm going to hit the. And then we'll just drag this to be quite a bit bigger. I'm going to throw a different font in there and I've got my swatches up now so I'll hit community to get my character palette we'll just go with Ariel black and I'm going to hit command you to make it uppercase. Now you're in a text box so if you try to switch tools now you're going to notice that you just type in there. So to get out of your text box easily you can either command click or just hit escape. And now let's go to our appearance palette and start building out this appearance. Normally when you first type something it goes right into this character's area. If I double click that you can see the fill here. We don't want that because you can't really build much more than a stroke to fill in your character's area. So I'm going to get this and just drag it to the trash come up here to the tie. Make sure you clicked on type and command forward slash. Now we have a fill in a stroke in our type. So I'm going to get a red stroke and bump that up a little bit and we'll pull this behind the fill. You have to get over on the side not here or you'll change things. You have to get in this area here to pull it behind like that. I'm going to increase it a little bit. We've got some miter points going on and we can fix that by lowering the miter limit to about four. There we go. To space this out option right click a little bit and now I want a red drop shadow behind it. So I'm going to select both the fill and the stroke and option drag below. This fill in stroke are exactly behind the other fill in stroke. They have the same attributes. So they're just basically a copy right behind there and we'll click on the file first and go to effect transform. Let's move it two points to the right than and see we have. That's not enough. We'll put it 10 points and then we'll also put the vertical at 10 points. If I do this little dropdown carrot you can see that transform is here. I'm going to option drag it on top of my stroke. So now we have an offset shadow and I realize this is not the most beautiful graphic in the world but bear with me is probably not going to get better. But this is just an example. Let's go ahead and change that Phil to read. Oh my. So it's really really offset it's a little far. Let's click on transform and we'll put it back down to five loops. I'll delete this one and then just option drag this one again. So this is a little better. Now we can also add effects to this. If you do an effect make sure you've clicked on type up here. Otherwise it'll add that effect to the stroke only or whatever you have clicked. So we'll go to a fact warp and we'll put an arch on this. OK. That looks about good all right. And then we'll highlight the whole word and maybe we'll just smoosh it back together a little bit. I see we have some kerning issues here. So get in between the A and W and turn that over until it touches and let's see what we have now. I'm going to shift COMMAND A to D select and yeah that looks sort of awesome. Better P4 illustrator got appearances you would have to build this all separately so you arch it and the copy and paste it behind and then you'd end up with about four different layers that all say awesome on them. It was just fine until your boss says you know we don't want to say awesome anymore. We want to say fabulous. And then you have to tie fabulous four times instead of just once. And then if you decide to change kerning you had to remember to do it for layers and it's just a mess. If we want to change our word now all we have to do is type it and it maintains the art and maintains all the drop shadows and and strokes and everything. It's really handy now if you type a new word and you type your original awesome word again. Let's say you want all these effects on. Awesome. So we'll hit the eye tool and click once. We don't have any stroke or fill it probably if we hit command y. We have the same font and size but we don't have any of the effects that we've put on this. And that's where graphic styles comes in. So let's click back on our fabulous decide the word type you'll see this icon. So just click that and drag it into graphic styles. And that gives you all of the styles that were applied to that graphic. Now we can choose our word and choose that graphic style. And it actually applies it to anything text. If we wanted to make a rectangle it will apply it to that too so graphic styles and appearance can really speed up your workflow and make your file so much easier for whoever gets them after you. Maybe you're a designer and a production artist will need to change this word to five hundred other words. This will make it so easy for them.