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English [Auto] There are no neuter nouns in Spanish. In other words all nouns are either masculine or feminine. But there is a neuter article and it's low low is used with the masculine singular adjective or a past participle which acts as a noun and it's actually an abstract noun. So let's take a look at this. Let's look at LO bueno for example. OK. Lo Bueno means the good part or the good thing. Lo Bueno as pronto. Yagan The good thing is that they'll arrive soon. OK Bueno being an adjective I mean low in front of it then turns it into an abstract noun. The good thing Lo Bueno as pronto Yagan. So in other words you don't have to say la cosa Weina which would basically mean the good thing right. And you say hello Bueno antoh Yagan load the Fisi. Yes and no other than inglés. The hard part is that they don't speak English. Load the Fisi. The hard part or the hard thing. Now an example with a past participle of a verb. No. Bad The though. Yeah. No importer bad that Eido is the past participle of the verb. Add that is to lose and so bad either. Yanno importer means what is lost. Bad Bandido doesn't matter now. Low is used before an adjective or adverb to express how when expressing a degree. Let's take a look at this. Ya say that cuenta they low Banita guess Sue X.. No. He now realizes how pretty His ex-girlfriend is so low in this case means how when it's expressed in the degree of how pretty His ex-girlfriend is or was. Now you could replace Banita for smart for example or inteligente ya say that cuenta they loing thilly can't they. K-S who x no NOVIA. He now realizes how smart or intelligent his ex girlfriend is. All right so check out the worksheet for this lesson for common expressions used with the neuter article. Lo.