Sidechain Compression

Tomas George
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In this Songwriting in Logic Pro X for Electronic Music Production lecture, you will learn about Sidechain Compression.

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Songwriting in Logic Pro X for Electronic Music Production

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  • Create Drums and Bass Parts for your own songs
  • Be able to write your own chords and build songs from here
  • Learn how to write memorable melodies and melodic tunes to make your songs really stand out from the crowd
  • Learn more about Arrangement and Structure so can create movement and mood with your music
  • Learn how to Produce and Mix your Songs like the Pros!
  • Write Vocal Parts for their Song
  • Learn how to tell a story with your lyric writing
  • Learn the tops tips and techniques so you can make amazing sounding music
  • Improve at Songwriting in General so you can sell more records or get more people to your live shows!
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