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Solopreneur success guide: #2 Copywriting and eBook creation

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English [Auto] OK so let's talk a little bit about solid partnership. What do you actually need to become a solo parent or again solo parent or is an entrepreneur starting a business and relying completely on himself or herself in starting the business and running the entire business. You are a person with a passion and that idea that you want to turn into a successful online business and you don't plan to have any teams in place you are just you are your brand you are your business and you want and can and will of course run this entire business on your own. So what exactly do you need to become a solo parent or other than your idea. I have a 7 step system that is going to guide you through solid partnerships success we're going to take that idea of yours and turn it into the dream business that you want to start. So step number one is knowing who are you serving. This is huge. You having an idea in place doesn't actually like mean much in the market unless you know with this idea. Who exactly are you going to serve. And this is what people say or call knowing your ideal audience or you or your customer. I don't like the word ideal that much because I am not an idealistic person because you can help multiple people from multiple categories who have just one issue in common. So to me the word ideal customer is a little bit of a heavy word. So instead just know who are you serving now. A lot of people tend to get a little bit overwhelmed when they hear that term or when they think How can my idea actually help how would I know if there is a personal line that I've never met before maybe in the other side of the world who I see online how can I know if my are going to help that person or not. So we have the four magic questions when you answer these four questions you will know for sure who to target. And this will actually help you so much in your copywriting and in your marketing in general. So these four questions are What stage are these people on in their lives right now. We're going to talk about examples in a minute or two. How are they feeling. What are the pain points that they're going through three. What have they tried so far and did not work for them and for how is your product or service different. So let's take an example on this for example if you are a health coach if you're someone who helps people lose weight and lose weight fast and lose the weight and keep it off. So where would the people that you need to help be at what stage of their life would be for me if I am a health coach my I help people lose the weight and actually keep it off. I want to think of people who are who get a lot of weight. Maybe moms after like having a baby we tend to gain weight and we have pregnancy weight so we need to take that off. Maybe someone who has been on yo yo dieting for a while people go on a diet lose a little bit and then never commit to the diet and then they gain the way back and even more and so on. And it's like a close circle. They keep running and running right through until they have serious health issues related to that. And maybe people who already have health issues since they were kids they're obese and some saw it. So you need to ask yourself where are they in their life right now. Like how do they look for example how much do they weigh. Is there like an average risk. And then how are they feeling. Of course you need to focus on the feelings. It's not about being vicious or mean or trying to prey on people's feelings and seduce them into buying something from you. You're actually helping those people you have a solution that can help them and change something about their lives. OK. So you need to know what are the pain that they're going through right now to help them get rid of that pain with your product so for me again if I am a health coach what I'm going to think of is these people may be frustrated maybe some of them started losing hope that they would ever lose that weight. Maybe some of them have some health issues that are stopping them from enjoying their lives. So I will list all these feelings because later on when I'm doing my marketing or writing my sales pitch for my course or program or service or product that I'm selling I will list those exact feelings and tell them that I know how they feel right now and I know that my product is going to help them solve that problem. Ok then what have they tried so far. So people on your dieting for example maybe they tried multiple types of diets. You can list the names of those diets. That's OK if it's legal. Some programs won't actually allow that legally so you need to check. This is only if you are a health coach but you know what I mean. I'm just trying to give you an example here. And then you introduce your product or service as the solution tell them where is your idea how different. How is the thing that you're offering them is actually going to be better than the things they tried before. What's the difference. What is the thing that makes your product a unicorn in a place filled with monkeys. So this is these are the four questions that you need to ask yourself to identify your tribe the people who are going to serve with your idea. OK. Once you answer these the more accurate you are the better. But once you answer this you have the key to your target market. After that comes step two where you build your website and plan your content. When you are building your website now after answering those questions you know exactly what are you going to address in your home page you're going to find your hook or it's like a title or a big screening benefit we call it. Remember that line where you tell people that you know exactly how you're how they're feeling and that they are now here in the right place on your website and in your content when you're writing any article or creating a video or create an audio file or any other form of content maybe a workbook or something or an exercise plan a diet plan a meal plan. When you're doing that again you know where are they now. You know how are they feeling. You know exactly where are you going to show them how what you're offering is going to help them get a result better than the things they try before they. And after that you're going to master your copywriting you will create multiple versions of your sales page or your sales video and compare them and test them with your audience to see which one is going to convert better. The more you work on copywriting the better. But you don't have to be a professional copywriter to do this just by answering the simple simple questions. It's going to help you so much in understanding what does your audience need. And then step four is going to be mastering your graphics of course when you know the feelings that they're feeling the pain that they're going through. You will find you'll be able to find photos that communicate that feeling. And especially the before and after post. Or you can create two types of graphics where each offer one of them represents the pain that they're going through right now. Another one would be the feeling that they should be feeling right now and they should be maybe enjoying their life feeling happy or feeling better feeling more stable more organized whatever it is that you offer. What is the before version and what is the after version. Try to find photos in your stock photos that you're going to find or if you're going to hire a designer to design something for you. Or if you are going to design something yourself you will now know what to focus on when you're creating that graphic and that piece of content. After that you're going to master your videos again. Video is huge. It's 20:18 everybody is using video and it's going to be even more powerful next year in they are after. So what you need to do is to try to learn how to make videos if you are camera shy. I am partly camera shy and I like to create videos like the one you're watching right now just slides with my voiceover to them and still you're listening to me right now you're not bored you're listening you're getting value. That's the point. You can do the exact same thing if you're camera shy. You'll slides and use your microphone instead. If you don't want to do that maybe you can use slides with just text and music. This works too. And if you don't believe me go check YouTube. There are multiple videos out there that have millions of views and zero voice so it's ok. Or you can hire someone to do the voiceover for you if you want to but you need to use video. OK. You can create simple animated videos and just put them out there to communicate your message maybe tell people about the pain they're going through. Try to give them small solutions in each video something they can add to their daily routine and get an instant result if possible because this is going to increase your credibility and authority in your target market. Then step number six is mastering your marketing. Now your solo Remember you don't need to hire someone to do your ads for you to do your marketing for you. Trying to keep this as simple as possible and yet as successful as it can be. So you need to understand how to market yourself or your business or your brand. It's easy once you know the answer to those questions again I would love to see you in the Q&A section answering those questions and maybe if you need my help just let me know. The curious and I'll take a look and give you my personalized feedback that would help of course. And yeah I wanted to learn more on where were these people be available on on social media. Social media is huge but it's not. Not all platforms have the people that you're looking for. So for example Pinterest can have more buyers for digital products and physical products other than Facebook. Believe it or not this is true. OK. People who are looking for workouts and routines and meal preps and plans or things like that are not on either Pinterest or Facebook they're on YouTube. So you need to do your homework do the research and try to find where the majority of your audience hangs on. And then you will learn to market for them either using organic marketing which is a little bit slow but it does work. Or you want to learn how to do Facebook advertising Pinterest advertising Instagram and YouTube advertising to try to get people get more eyes on your content. Both cases are OK you can start with free content and free marketing and then move to paid marketing. The first one and a half years of me being a world wide online entrepreneur I never spent a dime on any paid ads and I still got traction I still got people to follow me. So it's totally fine you will get results with that marketing and then step number seven is to automate and scale. After a while after doing the foundation of your business all you need to do next is build one or two funnels a funnel is a fully automated system that does the work for you in welcoming people into your email system or social media system or whatever it is that you're going to use and then doing all the communication and the introduction and the sale for you. OK. So you need to understand a little bit more or know a little bit more about automation and try to find as many tools as you can that will help you automate the majority of your business. Me myself it took me around a year to understand automation correctly and then since that date I have 90 or 92 percent of my business on complete automation. I only just there are things that I have to do myself and there are things that I like to do myself like I can automate them but I don't want to automate them. But after all after you've finished the automation part comes the scaling part when you reach a special level in your business. After automation you have a steady income. Then you start thinking about scaling. You need to do more you need to offer more. So these are the simple seven steps that you need to have in place in order to become successful follow pron or all you need to do is to take action. So I want you to go to the Kuna section and answer those four questions for me and let me help you like refine the answer. I tell we together we have a solid foundation that you can start with and from there like after answering those questions you will be able to dive deeper into creating your website working on your copy maybe creating an e-book creating your videos doing your marketing because once you have this first foundation of answering those four questions and place everything is going to be much much easier if you enjoyed this video please let me know on the intersection. And now I'm going to leave you to my constructor for the beginning of the challenge.