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English [Auto] Hello welcome to this lecture. So in this section we will be defining what solid work is to start SolidWorks as a mechanical design software. So what does that mean. It means that the best way to think about it is any physical part that can actually be manufacture to sell or just think about your car or any your cell phone your vacuum or any physical item you have. Chances are those items are designed in SolidWorks or software that's similar to solidworks. So another way to define Solidworks is Solidworks is a feature of this software. So what does that mean. It means that when you look at this part for example these are the different features that are used to make this one part. So they are like the little pieces you need to make a whole part. So you think about this but you break it down into little pieces and all those pieces form this one part and another way to think about the feature is the feature can be broken down into two parts. The first one is sketch feature what escape feature means is that when I click on this feature and I click on this dropdown arrow you can see there is a sketch attached to it. So what that means is a sketch is required to make this extrude so any feature like the extrude revolve sweep love those sketch features which means they require a sketch in order for you to be able to use them. And another type of feature that is in Solidworks is the applied feature apply feature can be Dave if the LED or a child. So in this part this part as an applied feature which is a fill in this field can be applied directly to the part and you don't need a sketch to be able to make it as you can see there is in a dropdown arrow attached to this feel it to be able to make it. And I'm just showing you this now just to the firewall Solidworks is because I believe learning visually is very important and is one of the best way to communicate what you are trying to say but don't worry we are going to go into great details as to what each and every one of this feature is. And by time you are done with this lecture you will be able to design any part from a to z. So don't worry about it. We just going through the overview of what Solidworks is another way to think about Solidworks is Solidworks is a paramedic modeling software. So what does that mean when we. It means that this the let me just show you. It means that when I click on this part for example and I edit the sketch the sketch there is two ways to make that to two instances that make SolidWorks parametric the first one is the dimension and the second one is the relation. So these two features actually used to define the sketch. So it just makes it easy for us. Let's say you've model your part. I've made this this part now unless less than. I decide that oh I want to this dimension is different now and I just want to change it. So what parametric means is the dimensions and the relations allow us to go back into the sketch we've already made and change it easily change it and it will be automatically applied to our part. So I'll just show you. So let's say this part. Now I want to change that two point. And this I want to change this to one point five. And as you can see that has changed. And when I just exit out of it as you can see that part as did it. So that's what paramedic means it means it makes it easy for you to change your sketch and everything will update in the part. Another way to think about Solidworks is Solidworks is a solid modelling software which means this part is one solid piece all the way our friends and all the face geometry they're are required to make this part are actually on the and I know the way to think of it is when I click number 2 and I Section 8 as you can see it is one solid piece. It is not Harlow. So that is pretty much the best way to define solidworks. Three things to keep in mind it is a mechanical design software. It is a feature based software which means you need all the features to design. One part it is a paramedic modeling software which means is easy for you to edit each part in the future and it is a solid mindless hour for you. Thank you and I'll see you in the next lecture by.