How to Change the Drawing Scale

Tayseer Almattar
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Lecture description

This lecture covers:

  • How to adjust the scale of drawings using:
      • already defined scales
      • custom defined scales
  • The difference between scaling the base drawing and the accompanied drawings
  • What is correct scale to pick for your drawings

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English [Auto] In this lecture we will learn how to adjust the drawing scale for our drawings. So we have already created this orthographic to use and I think those drawings are a bit small. So I want to make them bigger to do that. I can click on my base drawing which is the front view and then on the side you're going to get a menu you can scroll down until you reach the scale option. I can go ahead and select the custom skin and then I can change my drawing scale. So choose to be 1 to 2. Let me go ahead and have that as 1:57. Now they're a bit bigger but I still want them bigger. So I go to the custom scanner and I can see there is a one to one option here. I click on it again they're bigger but this time I think they are a bit too big so I can adjust it again this time I'm going to go to the top and I'm going to have that as user defined. Now I'll go ahead and try to be 1 to 1 point three. Click Enter. And this seems to work better. Now I think this is good so I'm just going to leave it with this. However I want to have this symmetrical view a little bit bigger than the other views so I can select it and again go to this menu and I can change the action into a custom scale and I can have that as one to one. OK I think this is good. Now when you select a scale there is no right or wrong approach to it. You just have to select different skills. See how that looks like until you get to the scale you want.