What is software testing?

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The key first lecture to fully explain what software testing is.

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Business Analyst: Software Testing Processes & Techniques

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English Hey there! This lecture, we're going to do an Introduction to Software Testing. What we're going to cover in this lecture is, what Software Testing is, why it's important, the goals of testing and then finally, explain a little bit about when testing happens or should happen on projects. So let's jump right in! What is Software Testing? The actual definition is, a set of activities intended to find bugs within the software. As well as validate and verify the software meets the business requirements, and needs as designed. Whew! That's a mouthful. Okay, so let's actually start to look at this a little deeper. So, it's a set of activities. That's pretty easy, right. We're testing, we're going to be doing some type of testing activities, to find bugs within a software. So before we go any further. Let's actually divert our eyes towards the bottom of the slide and explain what a bug or a defect is, for some of you that may not be familiar. Really, what a bug or defect is, is it's an error that causes an incorrect or unintended result. So this could be, I clicked a button and it's supposed to load this other window. Right. Certain action is supposed to happen. But instead, I got an error message and the error message says, unable to load window. Right. That would be an unintended bug, defect or feature of the application. The other thing could be that, hey, this calculation is supposed to add up these two fields and the amounts that are in these two fields, and it's not. It's subtracting them. So, that would be a defect or a bug. So that, it's a little bit about what a bug or defect is. So this is a set of testing activities, where you're trying to find those bugs or defects. As well as, you want to make sure that the software not only acts as it's been designed. But also that in the end result, that piece of software is going to meet that business need. It's going to solve that business problem, which is the whole reason the project was put in place. So, you want to both validate and verify, that the software is meeting the business requirements, the design, as well as the business needs, and as designed.