Social Media Monitoring Platforms

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Overview of six popular social media monitoring platforms.

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Social Media Monitoring

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  • Key concepts and techniques of keyword phrase filtering
  • How to research and validate the right keyword phrases to monitor
  • Google Related Searches, Google More Like This and Google Insights for Search
  • How to find online influencers and build lists
  • How to curate content from your social media monitoring dashboard
  • Benefits and drawbacks of monitoring with Google Alerts
  • How to share your social media monitoring dashboard with your colleagues or clients
  • The Future of Social Media Monitoring
  • Shortcomings of Rich Text Analytics
  • And much, much more
  • Facebook monitoring strategies
  • Twitter monitoring strategies
  • Linkedin monitoring strategies
English [Auto] There are many different products and services you can use to monitor social media and the web. We couldn't cover them all but we have included six different platforms two of which offer free versions and four of which are all premium paid services. What we're going to do is show you how you can use what we think are the two best free services to track social media. And then for those of you with budget we'll demo our favorite paid social media monitoring services point out their strengths and weaknesses and help you build a short list of vendors to consider. Now all of the services we're going to show have different strengths. So the best one for you will depend on what you're trying to measure and how you intend to use it. The success or failure of a social monitoring program depends largely on the eyes or key performance indicators you decide to measure K.P. eyes or metrics that matter most to an organization. If you're in the commercial sector for example a KPI might be the amount of traffic you generate to your Web site. That would be a good KPI if you're an ad supported business because revenue is a factor of audience size. But if you're using your web site to generate sales or even new business leads that would be a more hollow KPI because you could have tons of leads but no sales in which case the metric is not a key performance indicator. If the purpose of your web site is to generate new business prospects then online registrations or requests for information are a much better indicator of success. But even those numbers could be misleading because sign ups aren't sales. In this case if you're looking for a good sales or marketing KPI the percentage of registrations that convert to sales would be a good indicator KPI is are largely Departmental. The conversion rate is not a good indicator of the performance of a company's products or services that KPI would probably be more closely aligned with returns or customer service inquiries or tech support requests. The reality is there's simply too much information online to monitor it all manually. The free tools we're going to show you will allow you to monitor the web and social media manually. But if you want some sort of analytics they help you interpret the results computationally that's going to cost you. And without analytics all those social media monitoring results are really just a bunch of noise because there's no way to get a sense of the patterns and shapes of that content as it's being shared in real time. So KPI is really are the holy grail of digital media with the free social monitoring services will demo you'll need to analyze sentiment and categorize your results manually and with the premium services much of that analysis can be conducted with a service which saves you a lot of time and money. So let's get started looking at how social media monitoring platforms work and which ones right for you.