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Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing Masterclass 2020

Social Media Online Digital Marketing Strategy For Beginners - Posts / Blogs / Podcasts / Video / Google Local SEO

20:27:02 of on-demand video • Updated April 2020

  • You Will Understand How To Set Up A Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Strategy For Your Business Online
  • Understand How Social Media Marketing Really Works For Your Business
  • Build A Social Media Schedule And Plan So That You Carry Your Marketing Through To Its Desired Objective
  • Understand The Social Media Platforms And How They Can Be Used
  • Write Blogs And Articles That Get Viewers To Take Action
  • Demonstrate That You Understand How Email Marketing Works
  • Master The Basics Of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Create A YouTube Marketing Channel And Learn How To Produce Film And Edit Marketing Videos
  • Create A Professional Social Media Profile Image Using Just A Smartphone
  • Understand How To Get Your Local And International Business Pages Found In Google Local Search And Google Search Using Powerful SEO Techniques
  • Show A Knowledge Of The Buyer Journey And How To Use It To Get Sales In Your Business
  • Master The Art Of Posting On Social Media Platforms
  • Source And Store Social Media Posting Ideas So That You Always Have Something To Share
  • Create A Social Media Marketing Post To A High Standard That Gets Engagement
  • Understand The Power Of Social Media Communities And How Powerful They Can Be For Brand Building
English [Auto] So what is core is a search engine Q&A site indexed by google it has over a hundred and ninety million registered users at the time of producing this course. It is an authority building tool and the search data is transparent. So essentially what we have is a search engine a Q&A site and we've talked before about the power of search engines. So what someone will do is they will have a query that will come to court. They'll ask that question and then multiple people can answer that question. And the most popular answers up voted and move to the top where it gets really interesting is that it's indexed by Google. Now we've talked in other sort of course how Facebook and Twitter are not indexed by Google core it is indexed by Google. So that means that when you put content on that is going to be found in Google search. So if you can get the top answer to a core question that performs well in search you can basically get yourself ranked through the back backdoor using core core is experiencing incredible growth right now it's a great time to get onto the site and take advantage of this growth. And I'm even going to show you how to do this with a brand new account so you can see how quickly and powerfully we can get some results from Quora. Now one of the things that's really important about Quora is it's an authority building tool. So it enables you to build authority around certain subjects relating to your products oil services which will help you to really improve your presence online. Now search data is transparent on the site. That means we have access to a lot of information which we're going to look at as we go through the course which is going to really help us create the right type of content and send of right types of questions. Now one of the really interesting parts about core is that when someone goes in there we've talked about the before mentioned interest Design Action. People are asking questions on Quora trying to solve a problem. So in the interest and the desire phase that gives us a great opportunity to connect to them and bring them into our following where we can offer them our products and our services. These people are searching for answers and we can interject ourself into that query stream show our expertise and build awareness of our business. And it gives us the opportunity to solve their problems. Which again is a really strong indication of all 40 and the more and more times we answer questions on the site we can actually create a ranking on the site for our Farci we can become a most viewed writer on a particular subject or we can even go to the next step up and become the top writer or one of the top writers on a particular subject. And because this is all indexed by google it really gives us a strong opportunity to selves out there and establish our A14. And once we begin to use Quora and get experience with it we'll begin to see it as a really valuable research tool and it's going to give us a really strong guide as to what types of content we should be producing. What types of questions people are asking and what types of answers we should deliver. And one of the most powerful things is the algorithm is actually driven by those. So there's a completely human element to that sorting mechanism. So we've Google's algorithm is very complex with Corra all we have to do is get the most votes. So if we create the most useful content on a question and get the most votes our answer will rise to the top which means that social proof is built into the site. And we can quickly establish ourselves as an authority on a topic if we supply really good quality content to the people looking for answers to their problems.