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Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing Masterclass 2021

Online Digital Marketing / Social Media Strategy For Beginners - Posts / Blogs / Podcasts / Video / Google Local SEO

18:21:16 of on-demand video • Updated April 2020

  • You Will Understand How To Set Up A Simple Yet Powerful Marketing Strategy For Your Business Online
  • Understand How Social Media Marketing Really Works For Your Business
  • Build A Social Media Schedule And Plan So That You Carry Your Marketing Through To Its Desired Objective
  • Understand The Social Media Platforms And How They Can Be Used
  • Write Blogs And Articles That Get Viewers To Take Action
  • Demonstrate That You Understand How Email Marketing Works
  • Master The Basics Of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Create A YouTube Marketing Channel And Learn How To Produce Film And Edit Marketing Videos
  • Create A Professional Social Media Profile Image Using Just A Smartphone
  • Understand How To Get Your Local And International Business Pages Found In Google Local Search And Google Search Using Powerful SEO Techniques
  • Show A Knowledge Of The Buyer Journey And How To Use It To Get Sales In Your Business
  • Master The Art Of Posting On Social Media Platforms
  • Source And Store Social Media Posting Ideas So That You Always Have Something To Share
  • Create A Social Media Marketing Post To A High Standard That Gets Engagement
  • Understand The Power Of Social Media Communities And How Powerful They Can Be For Brand Building
English [Auto] We have to look at free vs. paid traffic. It's one of the problems we're going to have. We've paid advertising is it gets very expensive very fast. So if you go on Google AdWords for instance and you're trying to compete for a keyword nobody's really competing. Google is going to try to force you into paying for five six seven dollars per click and there are ways to get that down but it's really hard work and it's really difficult and I'll give you a low click but then they won't show your ad so it's really difficult to get a lot of value of pay that. Now don't get me wrong there is a place in the time for paid advertising and it has to be done really well and if you're going to look into paid advertising probably one of the strongest ones out at the moment is Facebook ads now. Do you have a problem with Face book ads and Google ads and things like that is a lot of the time that interruption based so you're interrupting someone. And that type of marketing gets blocked people block adverts even put ad blockers on the computers and all the time they're fending off and defending themselves from paid advertising. Not a problem with social media marketing or with free traffic is that it takes a lot of time it takes a commitment. It takes a long term commitment and expending of resource to get results so when it comes to looking at these types of questions especially if you're a marketing professional and you're consulting with a client is the question you ask them is it's why are you willing to exchange had you have an advertising budget or do you have resource where you've already got staff that can give their time to social media marketing and as a individual. If you're taking this course do you marketing for yourself and you need to ask yourself what is it. I'm willing to exchange. Am I willing to exchange some of my time every week or some of my money. Now you might do a combination of both but that's the core question you need to ask yourself when it comes to generating traffic to your website. You can have it do it for social media marketing for free or you can pay for traffic you can get expensive but the social media marketing that look for you to begin it isn't because there's a time cost investment and the paid advertising. Obviously seems to be much cheaper but can actually get expensive very fast. Now don't get me wrong I think a good social media marketing campaign is absolutely phenomenal for creating awareness of your business and your brand. It's something that you should develop over 12 to 18 months and that's how long it's going to take to develop a really strong social media marketing presence online but have to start at the beginning by thinking am I willing to give that commitment. If you are and if you do the things we suggest in this course and understand the buy journey and the marketing funnels we're going to teach you and you can get very very very good results from social media marketing.