Curation Vs Creation Of Content

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  • Understand The Power Of Social Media Communities And How Powerful They Can Be For Brand Building
English [Auto] Now one of the things we need to understand is curation vs. creation. So curating content is where you take someone else's content and re share it for them and there's some magic that happens when we do that one of the things that's going to happen is you're going to start making connections with other people in your industry and you will start sharing their stuff and eventually they might start sharing your stuff. Now another really important aspect of when you curated content Robert and create create is create your own curate is share other people's you curating. You create a resource. So if they want that TV channel you're going to curate that for them. Now we do recommend if you going to curate you mix in your own. Just don't try and curate because you want people to come to your own Web site remember that's to go. But by sharing other people's stuff by becoming the source of a resource you can create a really powerful social media marketing campaign because people will come to you as the TV channel and the other thing is you don't have to create all that content. So you might want to share stuff every day but you might not have enough content if you don't share every day. Well if you keep up with industry news and things like that then you can do that so you might ask the question well why do I need to create. So we still need to create because like we said we want people on the Web site but you're the expert you're the authority. You can't live off the back of someone else's authority. You have to create your own. But by bringing in this other content you do create a very valuable resource. And you also create good connections in your industry and the one to for role. This is really interesting and I recommend you adopt this at the beginning to develop the habit. So if you create one post then share to other peoples posts and if you share it to other people's posts comment on for other posts and what this is going to do is gonna get you out of the mindset of just thinking about you and your needs and what you're trying to achieve. So by creating one post you're making sure your content is out there and then by sharing to other people's posts maybe the next few days one you cut down on the workload. But number two you're focusing on promoting someone else rather than just yourself and then by posting on four different posts you started to create social engagement. People start to see that you're actively involved in the broader conversation about the subject area and they need to see that they need to see that you're an expert with in the area. So by posting on someone else's content when someone's reading it if what you say resonates with them that's a chance for them to follow you back to 1 to 4 rule can be really powerful because 1 yes you're creating your own content and then you're sharing two pieces of content which is going to add value to your audience but also create relationships of over in your industry no comment and on 4. And I don't mean just dropping a link to your website is like napping by commenting on four posts by creating a presence in the conversation. You become known on their posts. Now I've got a much larger following the new you've just exposed yourself to all the following so some pretty powerful stuff there.