Why Instagram and How to Get Started!

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Let's start with the basics and learn why and how to start an Instagram account. Also, let's look at the 5 tabs available to you within Instagram.

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English [Auto] So why Instagram by now you probably know that Instagram is a powerful platform for creating visual content for your business. Instagram generates 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter Instagram makes it easy to share your visual content to other marketing channels. Instagram makes it easy to discover new photos new people and new businesses. You can search via people hashtags or places so to get started with Instagram. First install the Instagram app on your Android iOS smartphone device. When you open the app you'll be prompted to sign up. So click that enter your email address and click next. On this next screen create a username for your handle your handle and your password. Fill out your profile info then tap done we'll get into greater detail on the profile optimization later but for now we just want to get your handle locked up on Instagram. One hack proof tip here though. Create two G-mail email addresses similar to your social media handle or username. So why two emails. The first e-mail is to register your social media account and not tell anyone about the second your to list in your social media account bio or about a section for people to reach out to you for advertising partnerships or general questions. Never use the email you register your social media account as your contact email. This really increases your vulnerability to hackers. So if your handle is fitness guru lock up the G-mail email for fitness guru at G-mail. That will be your direct contact email to put in your About Us Your bio in your actual post but lockup. Fitness guru one for your registered email. The one that you sign up for Instagram with Facebook with Twitter with and so on. Make sure the contact one is really clean and really similar. Hopefully the exact same as your username handle or domain name handle. Avoid using underscores or periods in your email address as it can translate to errors when people try to reach out to you which ultimately equals lost revenues for you. So next we want to get into your account settings. You can get into your account settings by going to your profile and tapping in the top right corner of the Instagram app. For iOS the little year for Android it's a vertical dot dot dot. And then for Windows Phone It's at the bottom of the screen and it's the horizontal dot dot dot. So on this account settings we want to make sure we're public in order to get discovered on Instagram. You want to set your profile to public. So on the settings page simply toggle off the private account setting. So let's navigate Instagram on the bottom left hand corner is the home button. This is your actual feed in the feed. You can see posts from the people you're following. Next is the search function in your Instagram app. Here you can explore post trending tags people other handle's locations and more next on the far bottom right. That's your profile. So this is going to pull up your profile image your edit profile page how many posts you've had your followers your following your bio your web site and then as you scroll up you can see your past post on Instagram. The next thing in the nav bar is that hard in it that's the Instagram activity tab. So in here you can look at activity of your following. And for you. So under the activity you'll see people who liked your content commented on your content tagged you in a post and so on. Under the following activity it's here you'll see people that you actually follow such as when someone you follow comments or like Suppose you'll see it here. And finally is the Instagram camera this is in the center bottom of your nav bar. So you have three options when you open up the camera feature you have the gallery where you can pull photos from your Smartphone or device you can just upload that past photo and click the center button to take a live photo or you can click the third option of video the video on Instagram enables you to take a 60 second video for uploading just like an image. Post.