Advantage of WebService over WebBased Application

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English [Auto] Welcome to the test in Word so progressive you see what is the web service and web based application. And what is the difference between the web service and web based application. Neither to you Ed one. They just offer web service or the web based application first. And the biggest one to just it's a platform and the language independent. What does it mean. OK I'll give you an example. I'm coming to an image which I have shown previously him I'm talking about to make my trip. So here if I take an example make myself make my trips over is in Unix and well-meant. So it's a Unix environment and it might be possible this indigo is a Windows environment here two applications which are built on the different and Ramat are going to communicate with each other. But this publication is taking place through data exchange. It could be excitement. It could be and it could be any other. So it doesn't matter in which environment by application are deployed. It is not going to make any difference. So here at one date it is platform independent platform could be anything when we are calling any web service. So these are the absolute provider it could be in a different Petrum and VIPs the consumer could with a different platform. And it's not going to make any difference if it platform independent in the same way. It's a language independent. It might be possible make my application is up in Java and Jet Airlines applications development dot net but still we are communicating between the two application through common data exchange mechanism. It could be just and it could be. I mean it's not going to make any difference because similis same for Java as well as darkening. So again we're going to communicate with the two applications and there is no impact of their programming language. So that's always our platform and the language independent. So we can easily integrate two and more application together that platform and language is not going to make any barrier. Second is easier and faster integration between two application of. OK if I take an example of the application and I want to integrate two web based application certainly singlestick a lot of pain. Even the language would be similar to have a web application but here it is easy integration just because when first application is sending a request it could be in any form and I'm picking example of the Exham informant and we're just putting the data to link to the web service and web service is picking that example data which is coming from here processing its request and at the end sending put back again in the form of axemen. So here it's a very easy integration. We need not to go for any that it'd be condition. We are just doing the task by following the data exchange. So it's a very easy and fast integration between two or more application. And here if you notice we are bringing the integration of two or more to application make my trip with indigo with jet with Iridium. So here are multiple application uncomment getting together and this is done very fast and in a very easy manner just because we are passing data and receiving the data again in a common mechanism which is excellent. So no need for Dodik indignation to ultimately do applications or working together with our direct integration with this type of integration is very fast and easy to develop. Most important part is that the rules allow access to multiple applications. What does it mean. OK I just move to one more example here. My web services are developed. So now we can access that web service from that application which are web based application from the mobile application from the application which are running all the taps. And later on it might be possible in future if we get any other device like if we got smartwatches and we want to access the same application from the smartwatches. So Same with web service can be accessed from other devices as well. So I'd want pages that services are developed ones which can be accessed by different application. So take an example here on the make my trip here make my Tepper's up their web and this website is sending data to the server. Make my trips over and make my trips or sending a request to indigo or jet or Indian Airlines. We're doing the same to us in the same way we make up their mobile application. So this application is also sending a request to the make my cell work and behind the scene make myself we're using seemed to question the Suppose which Id use would make my trip dot com or I a web based application. So everyone pitches know it could be any number of devices any different kind of application which are using these Web Service Behind the scene. So again in future if we got a few more devices and we have Pridgen that our application for these devices like in future we are using smart watches and make my trip warm to launch their application for smartwatches. Will that application which is the reffer the smartwatch is sending a request to make my day. So behind the scenes save themselves or for the smart watch as well. So again it will be easy to develop new application because all the applications behind the scene are using the same services. That's all we have for the session. Thanks for doing this review.