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How to get started & post on chronological order

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Smart Tips To Dominate Social Media #1

Getting starting with the basics of dominating social media marketing

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  • Basics to Choosing & Start using Social media.
  • Using multimedia content & Keeping subscribers interested in your list
  • Expand the reach of your social media account
  • Using content & dealing with unwanted comments
English [Auto] Now we go to tips on getting started as a social media site. Number one make a draft learn of the contents first. Getting started without a plan can lead to a messy start. This will not be a good thing for your company and for your company image. So before you make your social media accounts available make sure that you plan for its content and design it first. Number two come up with an editorial calendar. You may have plenty of things you want to share and save but if you posted all of them at once. People will get confused and you will quickly run all things to share in the future. So make a time line and plan which things you want to post first and which ones should fall in the Chronicle order number three. Know your target market niche. There are plenty of people that join social media sites. However you don't really want to reach all of them. You need to focus on a group of people which are potential customers so you should know who they are before you do anything. Number four check for a possibly existing account was similar name. They don't want people to confuse you for another organization group or individual because you don't know these other accounts. What they do and how do they behave and this might affect your company image. So to make sure that you have a unique name and nobody else is using it. Go to number five try using checkers dot com to help you choose a new Kooning. If you find out that this thing is already taken. Try changing it and name chiggers going to Hobi to do this. Just type your name out and any spaces and all small letters and hit enter. It's going to bring this name if it's available on so many social medias you have Pinterest you have let's see you have Facebook Twitter Google Plus tumblr Reddit MySpace Instagram Utu and blogger and Pinterest and many more. And it also can help you to see if the domain is available to come to the net or good. I hope so. This step is the most important step you do when youre trying to create a name for yourself. K now we go to number 6 know how to do it and the people who in your target market each. So the question is do you already have a clear vision of who your target market is. The next thing you need to figure out is how you can lure them in. You need to make research on the things that interest them. For example if your products are cosmetics and your target market which are women then perhaps some videos or some video content about makeup tricks will lose them and you get the idea. No right. An out to number 7 shoes I use really high quality graphics and Photoshop added to edit photos. Sometimes it is not the content but the appearance. What really draws someone into a social media into a social media profile is the look of it you can make your profile page look more attracted by using pictures or photo photographs and images and you need to make all of your social media the imagery of it to make it over. Was the scene feel this cool. Branding. OK. For example if you log in into my web site and my Facebook page my Twitter my Instagram you're going to see that I have the same colors the same almost the same font. I'm using the same type of messaging site of images and the same design for it. This makes this makes kind of special and professional look for your social media. And this attracts people even more number eight really high quality short articles comments and posts after being lured in as the amazing graphic and the attractive page design your visitors will start looking for confident if they find nothing. They will leave and most likely never come back again. So for some juicy confluent you can hire people to write short articles for you some comments and posts you can find all of this in the so on and minimum and minimum prices I guess in favor and in some places like this. But if you are creative you can write for yourself and people actually like to read something you wrote yourself. So if you have any experience just speak your lines write it down. There is a very nice web extension Chrome extension called the granary. I use it all the time. I write any article in it and it shows me if I have any grammar's error. So its very nice if you decided to write articles for yourself. Use it to make sure that you dont mess up the. And now to number line make sure that you have the resources to regularly maintain a social media account. Yes it's free to sign up to Facebook and Twitter but for you to hire a graphic artist Viju editor concentrator and maintainance crew and if you need to advertise you'll probably want to pay these social media sites. So make sure that you have the budget for it. As a beginner if you are just in the beginning I don't recommend using baid ads because you know you don't know yet if it's going to work for you or not. So I really don't want you to waste his time paying any others for graphics. There are free Web sites extenso and Calver and Bech monkey. I'll leave you the links to them in the sources section. I keep forgetting that and for video editors I don't think that there are free editors but there are not too expensive ones like Finamore and easier. But if you don't have any experience in video editing I think it's going to be best for you to hire someone to it in concentrating. I just like I said before. It's better that you express yourself and write for yourself and because you're going to be in the beginning you don't. You're not going to have too many social media to take care of. And I think you don't need to hire a maintenance crew if you have run rural Gram's that help you organize all of your social media like social you Kuster bedrail how sweet stuff like this. I think you're not. You're not going to meet a maintenance group. Pay. And now to number 10 check to see if having social media account will really be helpful for your company. Or is it going to be a liability. There are lots of benefits in having social media accounts for your company but there are also dangers so you need to analyze if you're ready to take this risk or not. Because we are in social media world right now. One screenshot of a messed up article can ruin the whole company reputation. So if you're not ready to take the risk. Always be vigilant as to what you write and to what you share on your social media. I suggest you take a step back from the whole social media thing. But if you're ready to be focused and take on the risk of being exposed and being on the open and social media then go ahead and I wish you all the luck. Number 11 and it's going to be the last thing in this part. Know the dangers and risk of having social media accounts and see if it if it's worth it. It's just what I said before being exposed and beeping and being and being in the open in front of everyone on social media can be risky. If you make a mistake people can have it forever. Once once it's on social media it's there to stay. So make sure that you're ready for this risk and the next good use. I will talk about tips on keeping subscribers glued to your account so stay tuned to it.