DPMO And Sigma Score Part 1

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  • Critical path method
  • Translating Voice of Customer (VoC) to Critical to Quality (CTQ) factors
  • Problem definition
  • Single OLS regression (With Microsoft Excel)
  • Correlation analysis (With Microsoft Excel)
  • Geometric mean (With Microsoft Excel)
  • Standard Deviation (With Microsoft Excel)
  • Single and 2 factor design of experiments (DOE)
  • Quantify a sigma score
  • 6 sigma DMAIC overview
  • Non-linear regression
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Control charts
  • Project charter
  • Project priority matrix
English During the Cold War the US and the Soviet Union were rivals in pretty much every sense. Among other things they were rivals in terms of space exploration. Now in the early 1970's the leadership of the Soviet Union gives orders to design a more economical spacecraft which could be reused after a space mission. The Buran program was born. And some years later, the Buran... which is a reusable spacecraft, was ready for operation. Sadly enough and due to a variety of reasons, the Buran never flew actual official missions to space. However, out of the Buran program came a remarkable side benefit. The Buran, like its American NASA counterpart, the space shuttle, needs a system to assist it in getting to high altitudes. Now that system could be a rocket or it could be a plane. Now the Soviet leadership orders Antonov, the Ukraine based aircraft manufacturer to design a plane that could airlift this Buran. This was the genesis of the Antonov 225, a huge airplane that has broken many many records. It is a delight to look at. Only one of its kind was produced by the Kiev based Antonov company. And after having had no function for many many years, it was again used as a freight plane some years ago. Now planes like the Antonov 225 consist of tens of thousands of parts. These parts are often produced by separate suppliers. Each part.... For instance a bolt, a nut, a screw, must meet certain standards. For instance, suppose that this particular part must have a diameter of 6.5 millimeters. That 6.5 is the so-called nominal value. Apart from the nominal value, the manufacturer will also always state a so-called tolerance level. For instance, Antonov might say that while 6.5 millimeters is the target value or nominal value.... ...it will also accept this part as long as the diameter is not lower than 6.3 millimeters. We refer to that as the lower specification limit. Antonov might also say that it will accept slightly larger diameters than the target or nominal value of 6.5 millimeters. As long as it does not exceed 6.7 millimeters. which we refer to as the upper specification level. Parts that fall within the tolerance level, the area highlighted here, these are accepted. Parts that fall outside of it, are unacceptable and in six sigma are considered defective. Note, defective in Six Sigma does not always mean a broken product with a big crack in it. It is any kind of product or service which falls outside the tolerance level. The higher the chance that a supplier will supply parts that fall within the tolerance level.... the higher the Sigma score of the production process of this supplier. A supplier with a sigma score of 3... is more likely to offer parts that fall within the tolerance level, than a supplier that has... a sigma score of 1. And a supplier with a sigma score of 6 or a 6 Sigma supplier, is even more likely to deliver parts that consistently fall within this tolerance level. This is where the name Six Sigma is derived from. A six sigma company is a company that rarely, if ever.... delivers defective goods or services. In that sense we see more and more companies mention that they have a six sigma process, just like they mention that they have ISO certifications. Because it is a way of communicating reliability to potential customers about their products or services. Yes, you heard it well. Or services. This Sigma score is also very very useful if you're producing services. It is useful whenever you have a nominal or target value and a lower or upper specification. Now you have that in I.T. You have that in banking. You have that in health care. You name it. So it is not just something for manufacturing. This being said, in the coming lectures we are going to talk in detail about the Sigma score. Thank you and take care.