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English [MUSIC] Hi, it's Seth Godin. Thank you for coming, and thank you for being a freelancer. For caring enough to do that work you do. I love being a freelancer. I've been a freelancer for a long time. And I probably do it for many of the reasons that you do it. The first one is it's a chance to do great work, not because we're told to do it but because we can do it. Number two, it gives us a chance to be free to make our own choices. Number three, it makes us responsible for the work we do because we chose to do it. Number four, it let's us make a living by making a difference. And number five, regardless of where we come from, if we choose, it gives us a chance to become a professional. This course is about a very simple idea. Being generic is a choice. If you are generic, a cog in the system, you will always be struggling. Struggling to get paid fairly, struggling to get new clients, struggling to have the freedom to make a difference. But if you choose to turn pro, to work your way up the ladder, to do the hard work. Of being famous to the family, known for what you do, trusted. When you choose to do these things, reject the idea of being generic, as difficult as that is. When you do those things, then you are fulfilling your potential as a freelancer. And in this course, I'm gonna give you more than 300 examples of people who have found an edge. Who have found a sense of meaning. Who have found a way to do this work that matters to them. I'm not doing it because I want you to copy any of these people. You can't. It's too late to be them. They are them. I'm doing it cuz I wanna batter and undermine that voice in your head. The one that's been told that you must fit in. The one that's been told that you should be ever more generic. And I wanna push you to enroll with me in a process of thinking differently about what your craft is. And to do the incredibly scary, difficult, and worthwhile work of moving up the ladder. Of going from the cog in the system to the unique, to the remarkable, to the person who gets to make a difference. [MUSIC]