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English [MUSIC] There are three ways that you can get more business. One, you can go to the marketplace and remind them that they need the kind of thing that you sell. Two, you can go to the marketplace and satisfy needs that are already existing. This is what happens on Elance, right? You show up on Elance. The only people who are on Elance are people who know they have a problem. And the third method, which is the most difficult method by far is you can try to initiate a need. You can try to remind people that they have a pain that you or someone like you can solve. Here is the challenge with that. The challenge with that is people who don't know they have a problem are very good at ignoring you. That's why it's so much easier to sell photography to a bride or to someone with a one-month-old baby. Because in those moments people know they have a photographer problem. But trying to get someone with a nine-year-old to realize they have a photographer problem is more difficult, not impossible. And we'll talk a little bit about how you can do that. But it's definitely more difficult. The reason we need to talk about these now is most freelancers aren't even aware of this hierarchy. Most freelancers are just waiting for the phone to ring. Either that, or they're so eager for business, they're running around bothering everybody saying pick me, pick me, even though the person they're pitching doesn't think they have a problem. So let me give you a specific example, and I'm gonna challenge you to write down an example from your industry. There are a lot of corporate coaches in the world now. It's pretty straight forward to become a corporate coach. The challenge is not becoming a coach, the challenge is getting clients. But there's only two kinds of people in the world. People who know they need a coach, and people who don't. The people who know they need a coach, probably have one. Which means, that the only way to become their coach is to get them to fire the coach they already have. And people who don't know they need a coach, don't have one cuz they don't know they have a problem. This is why it's difficult to be a corporate coach. Because the number of people in the world who say to themselves I need a coach, and I don't know who to hire, is very small. So the challenge of the coach is to decide, I'm gonna be so good and so famous that people will eagerly fire their existing coach and pick me instead. And plenty of successful coaches have figured out how to do that. Or to say I'm gonna do the hard work of building a ground swell within an organization, or among individuals in a certain industry, to get them to realize they have a problem that coaching can solve. But please understand there's a big difference between you knowing that coaching is important and them knowing that coaching is important. [MUSIC]