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We'll spend this entire lecture in Google viewing our search results and offering helpful critique to a local plumbing website.

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English [Auto] OK we're back and as you can see we are in Google and Im like Google search bar I have conducted a search for Minneapolis plumber. There are over 450000 search results and again just a review of Google here the first three listings are ads. So that's Google Adwords and if we go down a little bit further we can see a map and we have three locations listed here. And this is Google Plus local which some people also refer to as Google Maps or Google places. So in our map we have uptown plumbing Benjamin Franklin plumbing and run the sewer rat. Great name huh. If we go down just a little bit more notice that Ben Franklin plumbing is number one in the Google search results and they are number two and Google Plus local. So this particular company really kind of has it you know down pretty good. The second search result is yelp and the very first one in Yelp is Eric Nelson plumbing and Eric Nelson. Plumbing is also ranked number three in Google search results. So already at the top are seeing a couple of plumbers here that are doing quite well in the mapping and review Web sites. So pretty good. And as you go down you can see some other plumbing companies here as Angie's List so we have another review website. We have a BBB website and thats one of the things that local businesses run into especially service businesses and restaurants. Is there competition may not necessarily be another plumber but their competition for search engine rankings is going to be Review Web sites. So BBB Angie's List and Yelp have taken up three of the top 10 so we have to compete with that. Then lets go to page number two. So these are Web sites that are ranked number 11 through number 20 and we're going to look at this particular Web site Deens professional plumbing heating air and drains so it's Deens plumbing dotcom and it looks like they are ranked number 11 12 13 14. So let's jump in and take a look at this Web site and this is Deens plumbing. Now a couple of things to kind of review here. First of all is in our particular Web site if you look at the page title and this will vary from browser to a browser. But in this case if we look in the page tab here and I'm on a Macintosh his page title is his you are l. So we're kind of missing maybe an opportunity here to focus a little bit more on the key word. Minneapolis because this particular company they are trying to get customers in St. Paul Minneapolis North Metro and St. Cloud. So he's got Minneapolis listed here which is good but they're really missing out on the page title opportunity. So let's kind of go behind the scenes now depending on what browser you use and if you're on Windows or Mac you can see the source code behind the page. Sometimes we go by going to view in the menu bar and choosing source code. I'm on a Macintosh right now and I'm using Safari so I have develop in the menu bar and here I'm going to choose. Show page source. So we're going to go behind the scenes a little bit here and we're going to get a little geeky. Now we can always see the Web site at the top and down here at the bottom. We actually see the source code. Now we're only looking for some specific things so we won't get too far down into the HVM DML and other code behind the page. But the first thing that I notice here is he's using in this particular page some old metal tag code and he is trying to focus on Plummers. Minneapolis and St. Paul and this particular page title is a good page title. But the problem is he has it in the wrong area. This right here is where he wants to have the page title. So where he's created the title it's inserted within old Metta tag code and right here where I've put my mouse click right between these two codes. Title carot title carrot. This is where this particular page title instead of being here it needs to be placed right here. And if he does that when he saves his web site then the page title that is appearing appear at the top in the page title area of the website tab will actually show Plummers Minneapolis. Now some as SEO experts say all while that's not a big deal. Well if page titles count for one tenth of one percent in all the factors that make up search engine rankings that could be in my opinion the one extra little thing that you need in order to make your website go from number 11 to number 10. All right. Now the other thing that I notice here and it's nowhere in the code is that there's not a true page description tag and that would be such as this but it would be page description and it usually would go right in here. And that also seems to be missing so he's missing two big opportunities in his page code that might help him go up a little higher All right I'm going to close the tag code. Now click on this little X and we're back in the page. Now the other thing that I think is a big factor here on his home page is if you notice whenever I rest my mouse on text it's my mouse still looks like a little hand with a finger pointing up. That means these are images. And the most important thing is right here are licens to Minneapolis plumbing professionals wall although to the reader it looks like it's tax to the search engine. This is an image. So his text here is kind of going to waste and and that's a shame because he's using the keyword. Minneapolis lots of times to focus on plumbing heating and cooling air conditioning so forth and so on. But it's all for not because in all these cases this is an image and it's not true text whereas if I go down a little bit further and that page this is text so that's good. So but here he's talking about Minnesota Minnesota one time is Minneapolis. So there's probably not enough on this page in terms of talking about Minneapolis in order to get this page ranked higher in search engines. All right. Now a couple other things here he does have a blog which is good and he has some drop down menus in which he's focusing on some specific areas of service. But I want to show you one more thing that's kind of interesting and that is the service area and this is a lot of things that service companies try to do in order to get ranked higher and search engines now specifically looking at his plumbing. And again he's plumbing in Minnesota and that's because he's trying to cover all these particular areas. So he's going from Minneapolis which is our key word all the way to Rogers and all the way down here to Lakeville. And the problem is for these professional service industries it's hard to get optimized in all these cities within one particular Web site because if you mention every single city over and over and over and over again it's like you're stuffing your page with cities in order to get ranked higher in Google. Let's go over and click on this link. Plummers in the Twin Cities. Now this is common. We see this a lot and this is how he's trying to get optimized in all these cities is he's basically saying plumbing services in and as you notice they have listed all of these particular cities. So let's pick one at random. How about Maple Grove. Now this is bad and I work with a heating and cooling company who is not a competitor of Dene's plumbing heating and cool cooling. But what this guy is doing with his web site instead of going over and over and over again about mentioning Maple Grove is they wrote a little bit about make maple grove here and they wrote a little bit about their own plumbing services in Maple Grove. And chances are this block of text might be repeated on other city pages within his Web site. And they just replace Maple Grove with the name of another city. This particular section here is probably unique to the page because it talked specifically about Maple Grove. Now there's one thing that he can do to make this better and that is talk more about Maple Grove and talk less about yourself. Reverse these two sections and give me some more content about Maple Grove Minnesota. That will help this page get ranked higher which in turn is going to help this key word Maple Grove plumbers potentially get ranked higher. OK. Cool. All right. In our next lecture we're going to take a little review over the things that we covered in this particular Web site of looking at plumber Dean's professional plumbing heating air and drain cleaning. In the mean Minneapolis area and wouldest kind of review some of the things that we've found and how we can make those things better. So let's continue to the next lecture.