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English [Auto] This video is an introduction to the next few videos which is the section of the course where we're going to talk about smarter and more side the CEO because we have to be more savvy because today the big brands that big authoritative sites they're taking most of the real estate off the search engine results and the small guys small businesses. This would be you and I. Until we become gigantic brands we're the small players we're getting. It's harder and harder for the small players to rake in Google and it's harder every day because Google today is the most marketing the most competitive marketing environment that there ever isn't was an every day. There's the millions and millions of sites and all those sites have thousands and thousands of pages. And the competitive environment for renting is very difficult. So one way to circumvent to go around this challenge is to look at other search engines. You might think like Yahoo and Bing and maybe 10 years ago find that was a good answer. Today other search engines are YouTube Amazon Yelp but I iTunes mobile app stores wherever there's a lot of discovery through search and maybe also where your product can fit right. Like for example I couldn't rank in Google for the word business plan or business but I was able to write for the word business plan on you to me on Amazon on the mobile app stores. And so that's where I started my business and that's where I got a lot of traffic from. And so in this section of the course in the next few videos we're going to examine how to do that. And we're going to expand our thinking of what is a search engine and we're going to think about it more holistically because at the end of the day whether it's Google or Amazon those sites are just such gigantic oceans that even if even a small amount of traffic from them can feel to us like a flood. So if we leverage any of them that can spend a lot of growth for our business and that's going to be the focus of our few next videos coming up. So let's get right to.