Google Webmaster Tool - Fetch and Render

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Google Webmaster Tool - Fetch and Render

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In today's review we going to talk about the new phunk chin and Google Webmaster Tools that's fetch as googlebot. And it's not just fetchers Googlebot it's fetch and Kuranda. That's new. Hi and welcome to this video. My name is how I took mine from online marketing's 365 dot com. That's all anti-theists X5 dot com. And today we're going to talk about the new fetch and grander function in Google Webmaster Tools. So let's look into Webmaster Tools and see how it works. Of course first we have to log into our web master tool account. If you don't have a master tool account already I would strongly suggest to get one. So then next we have to pick their website where we want to fetch and grand actually. And we have to go down here in the section crawling and then we going to click on fetch ask Google. Well that's nothing new. Actually fecche Escudero dysfunction was there before. But what is new is this bottom fetch. And Randi actually the fecche Patton was there before but the fecche and render patternist is new. So if I go and for example if I just want to render this start page then I just leave it like that and I'm gonna do it for the desktop first. As you see we've got the possibility to do it for desktop and mobile so I goannas click on fetch and grander. So what Google will do now is the Googlebot will go out to your website and he will really look at all they see is s and javascript files and everything and he will Aranda the website like Google pop is seeing your website. Why is that important. Because like that you could see that some parts of your website are maybe missing maybe you're blocking something which the robot seeks the file or you are don't you you're not showing a Google javascript or stuff like that or a certain images or whatever certain boxes are missing. So that's quite important. And actually now there is really the possibility there is a tour where you can go out and really see how Google sees your Web. That's right. It's very handy. So you see that's still holding so I just press on that one because I did it some minutes ago and you will see that Google will show you really a screenshot of your web site so you can scroll down here and you will see that actually on our website. It's like it chose four for all the users so there's nothing missing here actually. And below there you see that Google is telling us that stylesheets are blocked by robots texting for example or chawal script is blocked by robots texting and stuff like that. So if you would see here in the screenshots certain parts are missing and these are important parts for you then normally Google should show it to you down here. But now you've got the possibility to see what Google sees. And one more senior to show you if we go back to that section again we are also able to render it or Aranda it as Google so you could go in and say mobile sites or smartphone and that did that for you before here so press on that result here and you will see Google is rendering it as it would be on a mobile device so you see that here the logos of top and the sign up for the newsletter and so on. And you can scroll down and see also in both positions. Everything will be placed and you also see here below again. What kind of images are Charvis script or whatever is blocked. And so you could go up and edit your Roebucks takes a file and make sure everything is inside. So I hope that media was helpful and if you want to see more of my videos just to be that 0 3 6 5 to come and see you. Bye bye.