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  • It says advantages and highlights of 3 speed test tool with a clear example. `
  • Which tool to be used in which situations?

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English [Auto] In this lecture we're going to see an introduction to the paid speech tools that we are going to use in this section. We are going to test two websites to optimize the various paid speech techniques that you are going to learn in this section. The fourth site is as they will not inspire on dot com and is based on the latest default theme from WordPress. It's very sleek. Or we can call it minimal. So it's a lightweight Web site but this is how Google recommends you to keep your website. Nowadays the second Web site is in spur on dot com which is a pretty modern website and is based on the theme of WordPress which is an easy to use drag and drop design based theme. It's premium and bit heavy but still fast and efficient. Among the drag and drop based teams. Now let's move on to the phones tool that we are going to use in this section. It's called paid speed insight tool and it's from Google itself in this tool. You will get a set of suggestions or recommendations that you need to implement in your site to get the best paid speed possible for recommendations and suggestions. I advice you more. I suggest you to use this beat speed insights tool along with another tool called the page test. It's come to this tool later. Before that we need to see a lot more about this page speed insights tool since this tool is from Google itself. The algorithm that's used in this to lose up to date and you can rely upon the suggestions or recommendations that's given by this tool but you don't need to chase this hundred out of hundred page speed score from this tool. If you get a green take for this mobile and desktop then that's enough. You don't need to proceed further at the end of the day. The important thing that matters is the load time nor does page speed score. So let me reiterate again. You need to follow the suggestions or recommendations given by this Page B2 and this web page just all alone and not any other tools such as JT metrics or ping them tools. Now let's come to this second tool called the page test. Sometimes even after optimizing to this maximum 100 out of hundred you might not get the best page loading time. For example you might be getting around five to six seconds or sometimes even more than that. In that case this the page just tool will give you some more suggestions or recommendations that you can implement on your website to improve the page loading time. This tool won't give you a score but it gives you grades for five different things such as forced by time compressed images or transfer or to catch static content etc. and it also gives you a tick mark for effective use of citizen C D E N A is also called s content delivery network. It will see more on that in the upcoming lectures. This tool gives you some of the crucial information such as forced bite time or repeat view load time and much more. There are multiple load times displayed such as here here here and multiple times the time you need to carry both. Is this the load time and a repeat view. Just ignore all other load times that are displayed in this tool. You just need to carry about this load time alone. Okay let's move on to first bite time of this tool. Why this is so important because the force by time is nothing but a time taken for the first byte to reach from your server to the user's browser. Effectively nothing is happening in this first bi time. So if you can reduce it as much as possible then your total load time will improve accordingly to this web page test has given me a grade four point five seconds or point six again. So first by time Google recommends you to keep the first buy time or the response time under 200 milliseconds or point two seconds to imprudence first by the time you need to move to hitch GDP. Yes and a powerful server or cloud hosting along with CDM though I use CDM and hitch GDP as this test website is hosted on a shared hosting for which I pay a little less than dollar 5. So you cannot expect more than point five seconds response time from such servers. So now let's move on to the next tool which is called Bring Them tools page speed testing tool to. This tool gives you a lot of information such as performance grade some performance insights and a lot more. I suggest you not to see any of them. You just need to care about this load time and you can take this beat size for reference. That ease if you reduce the page size your load time will improve. But don't take these performance insights into account and don't try to optimize your upside based on the suggestions for recommendations and suggestions. Use page speed insights and web page test to check the load time use bring them tools. You might have noticed that I have got point five seconds slower time underpinned them tools whereas I have got one point eight seconds slower time under the page test tool. This doesn't mean one of the tools is strong this low time can vary based on several factors such as the browser used the location of the user here the location or country where the tool is hosted. Moreover the speed of the Internet connection matters a lot. So based on these factors the load time can vary. But let me give you some benchmark timing which you can set as a target for a web page. Just tool 3 seconds slow time and a repeat view is the maximum. But if you can get something under two seconds like me here that's brilliant. You can get such scores wildly when you use a page speed optimized minimalistic theme along with the reasonably forced Silver and the best tuning possible which you will learn from this section. But if you can get something under three seconds that's good. No issue at all coming to pick them tools. If you can get a load time under one point fights against. That's brilliant but you can't stretch the load time to a maximum of 2s against Cinders. Bring them tools. So these are the benchmark load times or the target load times for your website regarding duty metrics. I advise you again not to use this tool even to check the load times or for the recommendations because they are not consistent or time. You will get various load times whenever you retest the website so it's almost impossible to rely upon this unreliable tool earlier Judy metrics happened to be the go to tool for recommendations on loading time but now they are not up to the mark. And that's why I advise you not to use GTD metrics for both recommendations and load time testing from the next lecture. He will be starting to optimize your website for the best paid speed but before that we need to take some precautionary steps to be fail safe. Let's see how to do that in the next lecture.