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English [Auto] Welcome to content marketing basics the what why and when you need to know for content marketing. So what is as the driven content marketing. Basically it's a new way of leveraging the high quality content that you have to create through the basic principles of Osseo to tap into multiple channels. So you're leveraging the high quality content that the basic principles of SU already dictate you have to create in order to rank it in order to be seen on Google and you use that quality content to tap into influence your marketing tap and influencers in your industry tap into social media. That's Facebook Twitter going out in those channels and into those communities tapping into organic traffic. So taking advantage of your ranking and tons of other channels that are out there really where you can use content as a medium to put out your ideas get a discussion going and ignite conversation. And Content Marketing is basically just a medium for you to build trust with your prospective customers to learn about those prospects and get to connect on a one to many scale. So what that means is being able to put out one piece of content and reach thousands of people without the need for human intervention. So doing it all on an automated basis. Now why Content Marketing is useful use a couple of stats for you that really basically really get the point across of why it's you know why make sense at a click from shared content is five times more likely to result in a purchase. That's super significant when you think about the sheer conversion rate that you can achieve through content that you've put out there related to buying in 10 day buying intent mind mindset. So someone who would read that content and is reading the content because they're interested in the service or product that you have on offer. Content marketing cost 62 percent less and generates three times as many leads per dollar spent than traditional advertising and traditional marketing. That's also very significant. When you look at the sheer R-N.Y per dollar input on the marketing you're already doing whether it's through Facebook ads or whatever else. Imagine three times that and then almost double that. That's a significant a significant or a Y year over year growth in unique web site traffic is 7.8 times higher for content marketing leaders in an industry versus followers in an industry. Now this is basically saying if you're putting content out there that drives home the point that you're an industry leader and I hate using the term thought leader but basically that's what you're trying to drive home is the whole concept that you are bringing new ideas and innovation into the market. If you're putting that out there through your content you're able to get seven point eight times more unique web site traffic than those who are just falling behind and sending at the same kind of garbage unusable non actionable content that you see on most company blogs. So those three that's pulled together really. Why. Content Marketing is a key focus and should be a key focus for you as a tech company when you're really looking for the channel that's going to be able to scale you fastest but also drive home a really good Arlynn and really good profit margin that's basically content marketing. Now when should you invest. The short answer is now. Like yesterday like five weeks ago. Basically the same answer when when you ask someone hey you know when should I start marketing a product. And the answer always is before you have the product like right now what you want to do with content marketing is build your audience early so that you can generate revenue much more rapidly. So because you have an audience you already have people to sell to because the people to sell to you can get to profit and you can get to the revenue like almost immediately the effects of content marketing can take time as well. So you are looking at you know one month two months three months sometimes even six months. And because of that if you're not going out there and building the foundation for content marketing for yourself right now when you try and go after it later you're going to be in a perpetual time crunch to try and keep up. And I see it really often in tech companies where they keep putting off contemn marking keep putting off putting your content keep putting off doing as go and you just look at it when they go to try and do it then they start complaining and they they keep hitting those block walls of like you know why isn't it performing it's been like two weeks like you know we put on Facebook as you get results next day Etzion content is not like that. You're dealing with with major entities that don't follow your talent don't pull your timeline. And also don't really give a shit about you to be honest. Mean you're talking about Google and being Yahoo and be basically ever the major search engine you're a tiny tiny fish in the universe. So good thing to keep in mind there is make sure you're planning for the timeline and delay that it takes to drive sustainable traffic through content marketing and through SEO you can invest time or money with content marketing. So when I say when you should invest in content marketing really what I'm saying is you're going to be investing either time or money no matter what. It's either your time going out there and writing content and doing the promotion and building out and following the strategy that you're going to create in this course or you're spending money to have someone else do it. I highly recommend when you're getting started and when you're on that path for building your product you haven't got it to point where you can get revenue out of it. Focus on using your time you know just half an hour an hour a day is more than enough to launch and scale this content marketing strategy to the point where when you have revenue and then you can build your team around it. Build the audience and basically you know the entire point of marketing is building that audience but build the audience that you need for continuous feedback on your product and whatever else you're doing for idea of validation. So make sure that's an audience focused there on a specific topic and for idea development. If you get an audience of 10000 100000 a million people in one specific niche one specific market you're going to have access at your fingertips to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people where they can give you direct feedback on ideas and even give you the seed to go out there and find another problem to solve. When you look at any of the big info printers and people who are serial entrepreneurs with tech companies they focus on building their own audience in a specific vertical because that's going to give them information back on their on what their next tech company can be. Are going to be the ones providing them with information on what the problems are in the market. Providing money information of what that product with that pain is worth to them and whether they're willing to pay for it. So it's really important that you focus on the objective of the audience that you're building. If you don't have a company in place your objective and your goal really should be to build that audience so that you can validate and develop the idea that you're going after. And if you have a company you already know what type of customers you're going after you're there for the continuous feedback to improve and develop the product into a much better and much more refined product as well as Garner customers and leads and everything else along the way as well.