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Setting up online analytical software so you can monitor your results as they happen. By the end of this lecture, you will have set up Google webmaster tools, Google Analytics, and Bing webmaster tools  

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English [Auto] Analytical software next item on the agenda is setting up online analytical software so you can monitor your results as they happen. By the end of this lecture you will have set up Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics and being Webmaster Tools. We are setting up these tools so we can gain insight into what is working and what can be further optimized. On your Web site without it you're throwing darts in the dark Firstly head over to Google and search web master tools. Click on the first result and enter your Web site. Now you plan to sign up and I encourage that you do that right now. I will wait. Seriously I'm waiting. OK. If you have successfully signed up you should be at this stage. This is where Google will need you to verify that you are the true owner of the Web site. For that you will need to insert the code into the back end of your website to do so. I'm going to show you three ways of inserting your code into your website. Firstly let's open up our content management system. I'm using WordPress head into the backend and control our head now. Pace your tracking code above the head and save head back to Google Webmaster Tools and verify and you're done next. Let's set up Google Analytics. Head over to Google and search Google Analytics. You should now set up your account. Once again no rush. I'll wait. If you've completed your Sign-Up you should be at this stage where Google is once again asking you to insert this code into your header. This time instead of putting your tracking code by going into the backend which might be a little bit confusing. Instead let's head over to download new plug in Section search insert header and footer. Download this one once downloaded remember to activate it now you can simply put your tracking code into the head section and save head back to the analytics page and verify guess what you're done. One piece of advice I would give every student of this course is to head over into the resource section of this lecture and follow the link I've placed on YouTube. This link will take you to a guide through Google Analytics which I Semei highly recommend you watch. Why Semei highly because Google Analytics is pretty straightforward to use and understand for beginners. But if you want to learn the other million and one advanced things you can do with it. Then it's a Tauriel is the quickest way to learn. Once again no rush watching one or two to three goals over the course of the next few months should be enough. Being the last webmaster you want to set up is being although not as big as Google Bing also supports Yahoo which will make up about a third of your search engine traffic. So let's make an effort to introduce ourselves there as well. OK. OK. Once again head over to Google and now search Bing Webmaster Tools. You know the drill. Sign up. I'll wait here patiently. If you sign up you should be at this stage. So what you're going to do this time is go back to the Wordpress dashboard and go to download new plug in Section search your ACL and download now find a plug in on the sidebar and click on dashboard go to Web master tools and in the auction. Drop in the entire code that being offered you there. Now get rid of everything that isn't in the quotes. Save your changes. Head back to being and verify. You are now done with setting up analytics. Trust me in a month when you start to realize some real traffic you'll be thanking your lucky stars you're getting some real actionable data to make your next big move. Moreover you have also helped Google and being recognized that your web site exists by registering your web site with these places you have taken the first step to improving your ranking in the next lecture. Let's continue to get some really quick wins by improving our SightSpeed.