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Self Healing Through Prayerful Contemplation

A Conscious Integration of Divinity into Humanness (An Exploration)

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  • Use the power of prayer and contemplation to bring healing in one's personal life.
  • Appreciate one's life from multiple perspectives.
  • Use the power of personal prayer as a Divine force to bring radical change in one's life.
  • Grow in self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-compassion.
  • Understand the limitations of the mind and its narrow framework in a non-judgemental way.
  • Learn how to question, introspect and self-reflect on one's own life to faciliate change and growth.
English [Auto] I will now go with some of the ideas that are associated with self awareness and what it means to grow in self awareness. The person who has an internal locus of control is one who looks at the experiences of his or her life with one of personal responsibility. These people are likely to use the words I am responsible for what happens in my life. People working from this framework are more likely to seek the reasons or even the lessons in their challenges instead of finding fault and complaining about the difficulties that they are experiencing. These types of people will overall experience a greater sense of power over themselves and their life situations in comparison to a person who has an external locus of control. When a person shift the locus of control from external to internal They are shifting into a state of greater self awareness. The person who operates from an internal locus of control will seek to understand him or herself more deeply. The questions listed on the slide become a focus of existence a deeper understanding of self the dynamics of how life experiences reflect back to self takes priority. Now I read the questions mentioned on the slide to gain an understanding of what it would mean to be internally driven as you seek clarity by the act of seeking to know and understand more of yourself. You raise your own level of self awareness. You will now look a little deeper at the internal locus of control. Considering that we are spiritual beings having a human experience in this view we are considering the person as possessing a higher self or a divine self or the divine blueprint or a soul that is fundamentally divine in essence and a human or an ego self that houses the soul during its experience of life on and when we consider this view and take into consideration the internal locus of control. The question that naturally arises is how is locus of control expressed when expressed by the ego self. And how is it different when expressed by the Higher Self. It also raises the question what is self awareness within this framework. The ego self as we already know is the experiencer of life. It is a being who is acting emoting doing based on how it perceives the world the divine self is the essence of the divine in the individual. It is the expression of the divine qualities or what she was that expressed by the ego can create a life filled with love joy peace harmony freedom and all that one wishes for in life. So for a few moments let us consider the questions that are going to be listed in the following flights. The first one being what if the mis alignment between my ego and my divine self are my higher self could be the reason for the challenges that I am experiencing in my life. How different would my life be if I used an internal locus of control as offered to be by my highest self worth as an internal locus of control as driven by my ego. Would the information given to me by my higher self be more discerning than if I used only my ego to raise my level of self awareness. What would self awareness be if it was my highest self. That took the driver's seat of my life when the ego self opens itself to the possibility of mis alignment within itself as the main cause of life's problems. It is faced with a number of perspectives to consider. These involve becoming humble and taking a backseat recognizing its own limited Inus becoming intuitive open and actively listening to the Hyacinthe a willingness to receive and recognize knowledge understanding and guidance. When does made available. And this could be in a variety of ways. I would now like to add my own perspective to what one would gain by giving the locus of control to the divine or higher self than the ego self by shifting the locus of control to the divine self intuitive guidance and inspired thought when given to the ego self would lead to greater understanding of the faulty perspectives held by the ego. That not only creates mis alignment within itself but which also translates into the physical reality of the person as difficulties and challenges. The person who becomes open to their internal divine guidance system is able to raise their level of self awareness and can better understand their behavior as originating from their own limited perspectives as offered to them by their ego. The more self awareness arises in a person who is open and willing to listen to their intuitive guidance and gain intuitive understanding of their true divine nature. The greater becomes their ability to see clearly what their own erroneous habits and patterns are. The situation that the person is experiencing is now spiritually reframed becoming a reflection of what is fundamentally a mis alignment within the individual between their ego self and the divine self. It should be noted that this interaction between the ego the divine and the reflecting light situation is complex and involves a dynamic interaction between the ego self its way of operating its difficulty in letting go of control to the divine self. Its inability to listen and recognize intuition when it is given and the acceptance of personal responsibility in the externally experienced like situation as the ego self becomes more comfortable allowing the divine self to take control its role in keeping the person surviving shift its focus from surviving at all costs to evolving as a soul by using. Life on Earth as a platform to express its true unique divine nature in human form.