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English [Auto] Welcome to the testing we're in this session we are going to understand and the men look at us. So before moving to the session first we need to understand what this element. So I'm moving to my application. That's testing application and the e-commerce site so on a page whatever the object you are getting That is called element in selenium. So here we are getting a text box here. We have a button and also we hear a lot of links over here. So these are the links and if you want to check out my searching here I form moving through adding to the card and now moving to the next page. So on the next page we are going to get lot more elements so whatever to display like it's a major x force button. And here we have a radio button. We have a lane. So everything which is displaying on a similar page is Gardner element. Now we are moving to the next topic or this element locator. So while working with Aslanian like I'm moving to my home page while working with the selenium you need to perform different actions on different elements. Like here we have Element text ball. I want to Barhoum text on this text box. So if you want to perform by fosterer need to search this text box because it might be possible on a page we can have multiple text box like if we take one more example there is a button if I want to click on this button. What we have to uniquely search this button as on a page we have multiple words like one button on the Sir's others add the cards so we can have multiple buttons on here and we have multiple buttons like tukar. So we have to uniquely locate the button to perform tasks on this certain element uniquely by using the different approaches albeit different techniques. These techniques are called element locator. If I give you a practical definition. So with the help of the element locators we can locate or we can search and any man uniquely on the page. So on a page like this as my home page and if I want to perform action on this text box. So first we need to search this text box uniquely. So the technique which we are going to use to search this text box. That technique is for Element locator to work with Element locator. We should be able to see extremal of element. So who would estimate we can use our dual to Lehmann's wire. But we have already seen Holdens fiber one Firefox. So as I right click on the element here we are getting the option to inspect element. One we are getting a similar like file with the name inspect element. So you can use any of the option. Also if you're working on a different browser like I'll burn Chrome browser I want to work on any element. So we have seen like on Firefox we have a separate tool that name of the two was. But but here on I e or grown we don't have fiber we can select this inspect option. So we have to forget in the sense back option with the help of which we can view as Steimle of any element. So it's up to us. We can use fireboat or we can use default installed plugin that does inspect with the help of this option. We can you extremal of that. And from this Stephen we are going to pick any man locaters so as to summarize the big element locator will have to go through the extremal of the elements and to view the Steimle of an element we have we use either far above if we are going to Firefox or if we are going that different browsers like Rome or I e. So you can use for adoption which is inspect. So now we are clear what this element or element located I can write the definition or write can we call that question again with the help off the man. Locaters began search and Palamon Yuni on the beat. So certainly many uniquely on the page we are going to use element locaters now move into the next concept different type of element locaters which we can use in selenium. So we have the different element locaters like the name Glaus lane CSSA and ex-parte. So that's all we have for understanding what is animate locator in the coming session we are going to understand different type of element locaters how we can use them. That will be code word in the later sessions. Well that's all we're. Thanks for doing this review.