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English [Auto] Welcome to the testing we're in session we're going to understand basic functionalities of selenium. The SO basic functionalities of ID include regard and play of the test cases. We are going to record best guess on the Firefox browser and we can execute the recorded best guesses on the same browser. Also we can save our ass for the future of Google execution. We have the functionality of x4 like we can work at a script in a different programming language and that is debugging. So we are going to see a basic debugging features fall. I'm moving to my Firefox browser. So here we have the Firefox browser now Herr that's my application which I'm going to use. So that's the e-commerce site which we have. For that I think both of us here in that e-commerce site we have the option of like we can search any items I am searching for iPhone and so here we are going to get resolved and we can add to card we can perform Jeffcoat we can perform different shopping options. So we are going to test this website. So in this recession we have already seen how we can set Apsley name I.D. on Windows machine or we can turn the Firefox browser. So that's the kind of mycelium ID before moving before starting clean. The first time moving to my home base. So that's my homepage. That is the prerequisite of the freedom of the open browser and open your website or web application before recording. So now I'm starting to you know the here understands the name I.D. first we have a recording option so heavy that collaboration that is called recording button and that is already in the push mode means recording is already started. Now we're told that test gives you on the record. So my task is to search and I form. Click on the search button then perform Chekov's. So I'm going to like recording has already started. I'm going to my search box and piping Eifel click on the search button. And here we can see a new page just opened. If you move the stadium Id be so few steps has been recorded. Now go to the I don't which we got after so much click on the card. So now one item is added to the car. We can go to check. So that was my best guess. So I have recorded my desk is moving to selenium ID. And here we the few steps has been recorded. If you want to stop that carving that's the same but then I need to push again. So I pick on this version. And regarding guest starred. So here we have recorded our best case. If you want to execute your desk is. So as we know while recording the predictions it was your browser must be open and your website should be open. But in a case of execution only the browser must be open. So I just open browser and we are on a different web site means we need to start our web application before running. As I click on the run button it's going to start my RL because of it or that you are and on which you have performed the recording and then the rest of the steps will be performed. So I click on the run button and here we cannot is like first it does dropping the application then searching for the form then going for the check. And now it shows two items in there because it performs. Check out one item was added when I recorded one more item is added. When With the stroke so here we can see all the steps are executed successfully and it's showing green and it also shows that everything ran fine. So that we have recorded one Baskins and we tried to execute the test case and it was working fine. Two important options that we need to see like if we want to go for the recording. The same button if you want to stop recording when you click it on again. Because the same button again. Like if I press it. So now after recording more you can see errors in the wash more and whenever you want just stop recording. Just click on this again. Also we have seen like here we have the Gorenberg and two as of now I am using a run current desk as you can see. We have a play that in this case option and also let the anti-drone work and is going to use when we want Briggs's complete test suite as of no we did not regard it as free. So I will show you how we can create as how we can execute it. As of now we have seen when we executed our task is the speed was very fast. If you want to control the speed or if you want to slow the speed of execution you can use this slider. So I'm using the slider taking it to the slower side. And now run it again. So now you will see all the steps. I like the good but with some delay so first and I full now it will take some delay and click on the run but then it removed the next page. All those steps are executing with some delay because we have moved the slider on the slower side. We can see it. But now it's moving to the next page and once it moves to the next. So having seen everything ran fine but this time the execution was a bit slow. So we have seen basic features how we get the garden play. Now if you want to record motor skills so I'm coming to the fire in this case. So now your test case is open again. Go go do a website. So my with web application was this and this time I want research. Awesome so fun. So I click on the recording where recording is started. If you want to increase or decrease the size of this ID so you can just decrease the size and height. I have refused. Now I'm searching for some items. So does the Samsung. Rikan can search and Herridge shows all that I don't. Richard Simpson I want added to that wish list. So I just clicked on this and my item is added to the wish list. Even you can check it on here. It shows one item said. So my second is this is regarded mode the stadium ID and just stop it. So now we have noticed cases in the bucket and where you can see that the kids up here I want to execute this test case I want to check it is running fine or not. So I'm going to run this again and it will go the whole way with each item and spring to I the the. Everything went fine means it executed all the steps perfectly. So now we have two test cases. So by this we can record one or multiple test cases. We have seen that regarding start and stop. But also we have seen this a run button slider we know with that slide show we can control does the execution speed now on the left hand side run button. So all the questions that you have created over here. So we call it test suite. So in the test suite we have two test cases of no now if you want you could all the test cases so we can use this letter and say RENNEBERG on all the test cases with displayed on this left side area will be executed in the order in which they are placed. I am going to break the curator. And here it shows the first US start executing and then it will move to the next test case and searching for the form. And my guess what is executing. And the next time it is going for the Samsung to my second guess is a goodie. So we have seen how we can play golf and play one of my test cases. Now moving to my file so we have seen how we can record and play our test cases moving to the next part. Now I want to save my test cases. So here on the fine we have the option of like first of all I'm selecting this was this is going to the file and same test case. So save or save as in all the cases it's going to save my best guess in that is the main language because by default if you go to the source a record the test case with Stearman language. So if we say it is going to say when the SD. Well I'm going to show you how we can save it. I'm going to save this guess as and selecting a desktop and giving them the DC 0 0 1. So I've seen one test case on the desktop. Let's move to the desktop and it shows as the amount fine. If you want to see the extension we can selected that said ex-chairman. So you're saying we want to is in the same way you can't save any number of guesses from here. We have seen like when we record our test kids are by default going region grade Gore in their s.m.m which. But I want to just read my gore in Java or any other language. So first of all go to options. And here in the options. And we need to select this check box checked box is labeled experimental feature. So click on this. And now we can go to the options for me. So it shows different language options. So we are getting optional shot Joe Biden Ruby so we can select any on the option. Here on the each line it shows three items. One is the language so means which language you want to work on. So whatever the language you want to use you can select it from here if you want to hold a job where you can select on the Jawa you want to or the item you're going to find them. Or maybe it will be. So whatever the language you want to work on you can select it from here. Now the last option is you want to work on a web browser or RC. So if you want to work on the Web where you can select any of those from the top three. And if you want to work on the RC You can select on the bottom three and the same way it shows for the python like for the byte and you can select them drywall or are you just remote control and the same. Ruby we can select web browser or RC. So we got understandings of for the first and third option like first of the language and started the war. We want to work on a web browser or piracy. So now third item. So we have seen like when working with a C or C++ programming language we we are getting a main method. Main method is execution style and same here in Java or maybe Python or maybe Ruby but we have a main method main method always shows a starting point starting point of the execution. But what will happen if you don't have the main method. Can we execute our code without my method. So answer is yes if you want with the you your code without the main matter you need some tools. These tools are all unit testing tools. So here in the middle we are going to get this optional unit testing tool because when we are working in Slaney and we are not going to be the main method. So if we are not creating the main method how you can execute your call so without main method we can execute our own by using these unique testing tool to talk about the job. So we have three testing tools June 3 and 4 or Bethanie. So while converting our desk in any other language we can select you're single. So I'm using unit testing do we do June 4. So we are going to understand all these tools same like 25:10 we hear only when you think to the name of the Doolan's unit test. So with the help of the unit test we can execute our skills without me matter. And in the case of the Ruby we can select either aspect or test unit. So it's up to us like I'm taking the time. Well if you want to work on a Jaguar. So in our world we are going to select the languages Jawa I'm going to select my unit testing will look for. So I'm going to look for what exactly are discussed with your monitor and third and the third option is R-S.C.. So we are going to take the good advice as well. RC I just select this and here we can see all this can work. Didn't bother Jawa language. So that I'd want more lady in my ear we can do some regarding. We can can work our get into any programming language and then so this will be the basic set of skills we can write rest of the call. And if you want to select in any programming language and taking it back and forth and now I'm selecting like Python 2 if you like the python a complete code will be converted to python in the same way if you want to select a ruby so I'm going to the a.m. and then for Ruby. So my complete code will be converted to the Ruby programming language. One most important thing that we need to understand why by default our calling was ex-chairman. So if you select any other language these all options get disabled means if you want to work on the name ID you will need to bring your quarterback to the extreme for me. You can copy this score which is Ruby programming language and you can go to the Ruby reader and executed but if you want to open the same ID your coding language must be Stearman. So I'm sitting there Steimle again and here can see all the options get a neighbor. Now we have seen few options like Google how we can go for the record and say how we can save us. And in the case of the Save we have already seen it was saving in steamin language. So if you want to save this programming language we can go to the file and we can select optionals export export. This is in our programming language if you're working on the Java pipe and we will work on the bottom than Python or Ruby. So like I'm pregnant Zambal I'm working on the job was to select Jawa and you want to work on the remote control which is RC or Web. So for you the job will grow how you want really good your best case without main method. So with Aultman method I'm going to use the Junod fool so we can select this June 4 option. So the first option of the Jow I'm going to select as I click on that option and asking for the name and doing them individually you know double when I served it and I'm moving to the desktop. So you can see a job file this year if you want to open it. I can show you I'm going to open it with word. So here we can see a complete code is there in the Java programming language. So we got the difference between save and export in case of a sale. We can say that is is but the language will be before language we just ex-chairman. But in the case of export you can export the disk if you can save this case in any programming language. So till this point we are clear about how we can go for the record and play how we can see where this is how we can export our discuses. Now I want to show you basics of debugging so debugging means like if I'm executing our test cases and we are getting some errors so I want to find out the point on which And this coming before debugging we need to execute our task step by step choose to executer this is step by step. We have two different options. So first I'm going to show you for the option as I run it. So this pause button gets a label. So whenever you posit your execution will pause on the specified point. So now my execution is on this point. You can see I've Faunus time because this step is executed but it is not clicking on this search button just because the is pause. Now if you want to execute your best guess step by step it is the stop button as Republicans that it will execute one step. If you click on it again it will execute one more step. So by this way we can exiguous artist that are steps one by one or debugging debugging is the process to find out the point of error we can find out a line in which end is coming. And to perform the debugging we can go for Baugh's so we can click on the pause we can authentication and then exit the line step by step so we can find on line in which errors coming. Also at any point of time if you want ridicule rest of the line in one go so you can use this button again. So it was a pause button. Now it sounds to me so as a click on the resume and what it really is the rest of the lines in one go. One thing that we noticed you can use the pause button only when you start your execution. So only you start the execution. Then disburden is going to be unable. So when you click on this execution will pause if you want with the good single line you can click on the step button if you want with the cure or rest of the line. You can click on this resume on. We have one more option for that. Laig if you want to pause your execution on this step two you can select the step two. You can go to the actions and then press stop the break point is used to pause the execution at predefined step. So now we have added a global break point on this too. If we exit this migration will go on any particular step. Now again you want to exiguous one line then you can go to the step and if you want to go with all the lines you can you are resuming if you want to remove this Brocklebank. You can select the step and again select breakpoint. So here we have seen the difference between the toggle breakpoint and balls double break point can be placed before execution. Like here we did not start execution. We can select Ansted and we can add doubleback. And if you want to remove the wrong break point you can select a step again and we move this target. But if you want to use the balls then we have to start taking action first and then we can pause you in use of all the options seem like both options are used for the body but the defenses the doggle weapon is placed before execution ORSBORN and is used after execution. So everything ran fine. And here we have seen everything is working fine. In the last we need to understand one of the most important thing. Like here we can see in the table format we have three columns. One is the command that is Target. And when you see that come on we can understand it like different operations which we are going to perform like you want to perform. You want to have a right click double click BAM. So what I select. So whatever other operation you want to perform this command shows that operation when you whatever you are doing from the keyboard that will be stored in this will you. So here you can see in the case of the game we are not giving any data from the keyboard. The Veliz blank most important part is target so element locator which we are going to understand in the coming sessions element locaters to locate an element to search and. We are going to play that element look at the target. So we need to understand the target very carefully because it's one of the most important part. While working with slaking So that's all we have for this lithium idealisation. And here we have seen how we can go with a recorder and play we can recorders and we can play the script but only in the £550 so we can say one step. But while serving it is going for the former if you want the same in Java Python Ruby we are Crysler export option and debugging with the help debugging we can find or the point of error. So if we are executing our best guess on this when might be. And if you're getting some errors in our best guess so we can use people with it. We are going to go expert level debugging while working with the Java programming language. So that's all we have for the session. Thanks for doing this review.