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English Otherwise. Welcome back to the next story. And this one we're going to talk about how do we set up May 1. And I want to go step by step on board Mac and Windows so you guys both have things available for both the operating systems and I have a pretty beautiful document very detailed prepared for your race. So let's open that document first. So this there's the ME 1 installation and set up a document and ask me when is dollar best tool. The free first requirement is to have the Chittick install on your machine. So first thing you need is the job of 1.5 or above. And if you have any shouldn't that go back to the Java installation tutorial where we have already discussed how to install Java and we have discussed for Windows and I uploaded a document format that I'm going to open right now as well. So you can install and set up Jawa set up job at home. So the first thing is then when you install out the file that you have time to install which is verified by Jordache Weishan so and then you have to serve Java environment variables. On Windows it's done using that Chamba home whatever your child is and then the path you need to add Curson Chihuahua home person slash pen and the non-Mac. I have the document upload it. So here's the document format that I uploaded in Java tutorial as well and I'll upload here as well . So you need to execute you coach our home so it's going to ensure your race so what you can do is we're going to be cool to all our our code. So this shows with job is in style here. This is my job a home where my two allies are going to switch off. Which also shows me that I'm using 1.6. If it goes to the redouble goes for the bin for that obviously because it's sort of in the bag. So that's the way it was CGI back in Mac and for Windows guys it is so I have my douane style here so go to a computer C-Drive Program Files char and here's my take. So there is my job right. So that's the job I-Pod guys. So that's Jaba bad. Chobham but in path you need to append slash business. I don't have an slash been in our home otherwise we're going to have issues so leave our home as whatever your child is and then pack up and have a home slash Ben and Matt as a toddler there. So it's good. Great job. If it does not return you a decent pie that the Danciu link or something Dennings secure debts stash . Ellwood Tavor this quite detail for you guys. So NBA dash Basche profile you can open it using right you can export job our home to the complete our home pack. And then you can source the backup profile file and you should be good to travel home. So this is just a prerequisite. Guys Once you have chow I set up and I assume that most of you guys might have it set up because you are in the tutorial so far. So once you have this set up you can just move up to there. Step three where just to download the May 1. So this isn't correct. I'm going to correct it. This is this should be the latest one not made one to add onto that one which our latest is available just download it. So extract the file off. So you have to download a zip file for Windows and tada gz file format. So let me open the website and I'll show you. So this is the Apache DOD. So I haven't even about it on our website to download. So as I mentioned you need to download the zip file for Windows so this is the zip file for Windows . And this is that tied to easy file format. So if you're working on windows go with the second option. Study everything highlighted. Go with this option. And if you're working with Mike go with this auction. So once you download it you're done with that. Step three to download. I mean these are very small steps I've sort of distributed in different steps so to make it easy. So now the next step is expand the well archive. So whatever file you download and extracted and put it at some location where you want your car may want to reside. So the recommended location for Windows is you can create a folder called Abaci and then extract the zip file there. So it's going to be in something like this format for Magg maybe user local Apache me. So let me open this Windows. So what I did guys was this says my downloads folder here I downloaded them me one and I extracted it here. So one point. So this is rare. I have. So these are two different things. Program Files Abaci. So this is the folder that I created myself a potter and I could try to extract the file so you might have issues because Program Files is sort of an administrative place. So extract the files here and in Downloads folder itself and then just copy them. So I just copied them up extracting in the opposite corners of the city my location for a party. So now I got the location for Upadhyay off extracting it. So 1:06 dragged before Ellerslie are good apart is there. You don't need to do anything. Same as in Mac as well. So in Magali Harvard because with the whole embryo's that's related to some of the projects that are going on. But Mike this is becoming a location like similar to this are going to speed up for low call Batumi when he use a low cut and then extract the files there. So once the files had X Factor in site. So it's it's very easy to say that in Windows you can just slightly extract hard. And in my culture there again DoubleClick and extracted or you can use the combine call Todd ex-Premier and then give the name of the fi. So it's pretty easy right. If you have issues in expecting just being me I expect to fight. Well that's freezy so noise in that excuse me. So once you have the files extracted this is the most important step step number five that we need to do. So on Windows where we need to do is so then Lyman Ebell using the system properties the system Romany's is MTU on. Not for me. Well you need to provide the location maybe install them even and then end to that is going to be send them to one person then slash. Been so Embry's always going to point to the been lucky and me when options that XM has to for physics and XM X is fire into em. So which is something they are providing that we really that much memory for me and it is up to me when I can walk perfectly so it doesn't have any issues. So it's not required stuff but it's become and then it's nice to see these options so you don't have any issues with the media. And for Mike again open the timing of said Dan then my Middlebury was like for maggot's pretty easy . So let me first show you her mind so what you need to do is you need to open your bash file so quickly . There's a flash profile and you need to put everything here. So I haven't put everything in it because I have a separate file. So much you need to just copy all these things. Export them to export them to them to home and export only when auctions you need to copy all those things there and then you're done and you get your job back. Also here I don't have it here because mine is separate but you need to have job out also in your basket profile. So once that's done you're good to go. So this is far maggot's pretty simple because in my view goes to open the profile file bash profile and you can just copy these things. So for Windows it's little different. So let's talk about Windows. So what you need to do for Windows is let's close all these things. We have the one place already. So let's close all these other keys. So once you come to this location it's going to do. You can just go ahead and click on to some of your buddies bond system settings and go to an bondman baby. So what you need to do is you want to create a new way. And plus Mamie's mainmast. To home. So this is a new variable that I created to home and there's the location of my main one the C program files Abaci me one Aposhian me 21:20. So click OK and then you need to set up m Tosa end to is the value of a lamb and two home person person and slashed bin. So that's home to home. And that's only one option. So this pretty much it. So this is where you're getting all these things from like you said the wearables doing that. I've already shown you how to set them on the valence once this is done. The most important part comes in. So here's my downhome that I've set up. So this is the java home Java home and this is the location where my Djala as program files. So I'd do it again. Why not a dot 6 0. So this is the java home lost. And the very important thing the more somebody in the fall. Is this the seven number six you will need to append this thing percent to to the end of the system variable path and then Mac you need to do that export part neither do you then dollar pots so M2 is a benefit to the. School isn't bought it. So guys what we need to do in Windows is this you need to open your pod. You click on it it goes. And so head it's the Java home person Java home parts and slash burn. And then this is Mtume parse into. So this is what you need to do. As I mentioned you need to open the site. So since they've already set up and do as M2 home Ben you just need to open them to depart. So this is they are popping it up and there's another pathway padre will set up. But once this is done you are good to go. Click OK click OK here. Those every 10 and this is the place I've kept it open. If you guys have issues in downloading java. So let's go to this link. Just google download child IGAD here 1.8 or something and come here click on accept some fun so click on there. Whatever works on depending on your OS. Click gone windows 64 click on this if you are out on Mac you're gone Mac OS X 64. Download those files and install the alligator again. And I would say install the daily good on install just to just install the data. So that's done. So there you either lapu on. But if you Google Google you'll just need to write. I can show you to download child. Maybe I think this is good enough. The ones who come there don't go to this first link is the link Dava the downloads. So once you go there you'll see this. Well no. So now you come here to the kid download. So you just ignore the JRE and Server JRE. I was the ATI. So you just click on get the get out load click on accept license files and then just click on the version that you want to download. Once that is download and started to go and then search on students starting the Daval and the previous two. If you wish to look at it this is additional because we need it in this one so I thought I just again despite it. So let's go there. Now what you need to do is open the command prompt and then type. Now you can type or Zalmai is going to be cholla. So I'll tell you where the job is. This is a Java way and for the fans so this is our T-coil so far be frank. If you have installed me one much again do as you can just type me in the end. I was on the answer to that Telcel You are large enough and it is a party and mean went through that 2 or 3 and tell me one home made me one home is entitled dollar home and see dulces got a home as well and everything so. So once you find that you have me well installed this is it. And being asked where it tells you if you have Mahlon installed. So what I can do is this. I didn't minimize the Windows thing when I can go to see him come on here but let's quit this kill file file. So to quote the right you can use X SKF sign. He'd best get killed and then q and back are missing Mark and enter. And if you want to see something then you have to board WQ. But I don't want to see anything promoting this. I'll just put you exclamation mark and then hit them. So that's my wife I filed. So what I can do is add the B and badge are shown and there you go. So I have Abaci me anti-dog 1.1 and my Mac and Windows at the top three so they're all the same. They're both stable margins so it's pretty good. I have no issues with that but not my mail. I'm so not that big. No no I don't believe that that tells you everything. Similar to Windows in May when they went on to our home guard. So once I had done with that I was good to go. All said Give me one on both indoors and mop. Depending on your operating system guys follow these steps and I'm going to upload both the documents regarding them even set up so let me close this. How to do a documents even set up and stop steps to set up a hole in my soul. Because it's an issue for Windows. I've already shown you how to do that. I've already shown you how to set the a home and my concept for you and you just need to do a bash profile . So this is the file you need to open and so subdues things up. So the documents are there guys. I'm going to upload them just follow them and your good video on me when the citation said so. Thanks for watching this one guys stay tuned for the next lecture and and so much