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English Hello guys. Welcome back to the next tutorial in this well I'm going to talk about a new topic called silly and incorrect. So in this point I'm just going to give you an introduction or falsity and integrate is and talk about what endnotes are and kind of get on infrastructure how it's used. And then in the later ones I'll show you how to configure the her conflict of the notes and how to write code for them. So let's get started. Let's talk about what. So it is it is something that slices on running multiple tests across different browsers and different operating systems and parallel so together we to run them all at once and in different combinations . So let's say you have nine I'd turn Firefox Chrome. And again you need to run them on different versions like platforms. What I'm talking about on Linux Windows Mac and all those other things. So that's where you need it to run the test cases. And I'll talk about it. So it has sort of two words inscribed one entry. But good one is sort of the carrot because of the introduction of could do that but it's not used a lot. So what it does is it uses a husband node concept with is sort of similar to my students where there is only one hub and there could be multiple nodes. So as we know that could only be one Mahsa and multiple slaves and the concept of clusters and blobs . But it's of a similar concept and the execution will be done on different machines so it's really there's only one of where the tests are copied and the executions are done on different orders and then all them in power. So that's the benefit that we can save our time and all those things. So let's talk about when to use this and what's the advantages. So when do you sort of an advantage. So when you actually need to run test on multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time let's say our product is supporting multiple browsers. There's a requirement from the devlopment other part of management that you need to support your product on Firefox cruel Safari IP and Linux. Windows Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 we lost 10. So many words inside Mac lot of those things maybe invite maybe us. So that's where you need cred to run on the test cases and padlock. So. So the second one you're going to see the day when you need to save execution time on the test. So what happens. Days. Imagine you have all those departments that I just mentioned and we are running tests one by one on all of these different platforms. It's going to take for an hour not even a day. It's going to take but ever. So that's where Greg comes in the picture that we can then test cases and bad luck. So when you have let's it can combinations so you are saving that 10 x time. So basically you are just learning the test in the end the duration of one exam goes in. And you're only 10 times on different platforms. So it's 10x faster. So that's why we're still in good come to the gates and that's very good. So this is a great infrastructure for this parents into this slide. Is he going to say that is one in the center like this one. So this is where the court is found to be copied and it's got a sentence from 10 to all the different notes. So imagine you have an mod 1 which is it's just a name that I gave to your bosom. But let's imagine this is a Windows machine with 10:52 running on let's say the mode too is going to be called Running on Mode 3 is not that Safadi running on no 4 is like we will deal with Firefox on Nov 5. And I was there last thought guys you want to run all these cases together in Kensington Palace. That's where you need. OK. So the court will be copied on up and he's going to send instructions to these notes. And these test cases. So the laws are going to contact are they going to just set it up and then the execution on themselves . So that's where it come to the picture. The companies usually they have one environment where they going deploy multiple machines my window of my faves and one the machines so they can actually live in the test cases and parallel along those different bunch of machines for practising you can just get by one William played on your machine and you are actually lopped off and then have a Bundu replied in that B.M. player. So we played is a free tool from the embed or there's a virtual box also from what I call the going down live and even iFilm and deployer hon. It just the. And then practice on the eye for your practice. But these will come loose. They would have actual alignment set up where there will be like hundreds of virtual machines of the body that you can pick from and then you test cases on. So this sort of agreement but still no lots. Let's talk about the pump. What was obvious. So this machine is very low. All of this. So this is the central kind. As you can see it's the central point but everything is administered and there's only been one how we look at it. So they can live with two or three hubs. They call them multi-boot. You know what's best Oggy the execution is going to happen with it. It could only be one up. So the hub is Longstone that's a little machine like a computer who was or has this let's imagine Windows 7 and some browsers. But then there would be multiple modes where the execution is going to run and the all is going up. But just over the hump as I mentioned. So how best read the tests really run but you will see the execution on the Lords. The Lords are going to register and do all the bills. So that's what the notes the notes are sort of slaves as the hub is the maestro. So it's them as is the concept of the notes on the could be multiple The words like the hub is only one but notes and selenium and senses. They will actually exhibited the test that be loaded on the hop. So this is the machine where the actual execution is going to happen. So that's what you remember is so when you test the legs inside the and you can go to the OTS and see the actual explosion happening. The Galdos opening up in all the test pieces and so they can be one or more nodes in a grid with different browsers or combinations. That is very much a lot of that can be present at the same time and it does not have to be the same platform as that of up. So that can be on Windows and load could be on Windows Linux Mac and I think our hub also could be on Linux. I mean it doesn't have the same as the hub is. So the load can be of different platforms and styles of combinations and that's perfectly valid because that's the lead of that and that's what we want to do. So that's very much guys for this to do. I just want to explain the concept of it in them. In the next ones will see how we configure the hub and how to configure that more in that according to several we this for them. So that's pretty much it. Guys stay tuned for the next Let us but this one and that's all for this time. Thank you so much guys. I don't think today's stadium looks like this before. Thanks