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You will be able to install Selenium IDE and get a brief introduction of automation

You will also see a basic test case automation using selenium ide

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  • ***** At the end of this course, you will have detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks
  • You will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS using Page Object/Factory Model
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  • ***** You will have understanding of Behavior Driven Testing Using CUCUMBER, Gherkin language
  • ***** You will be able to understand and write efficient testing code
  • You will have required skills to automate any web application
  • You should be able to verify Data Integrity with the GUI of the application
  • Additional Knowledge of running Performance tests with Selenium WebDriver Automation
  • With all this knowledge gained, you should be easily able to clear Selenium Automation interviews
English Address. Welcome back to the next to the real and this one with us. Take a quick look at how to install psyllium I.D. and toggle little bit about that. So I just created a small document which is a little bit change unless I'm going to show you. So in case are working on a different browser I would suggest Eurodollar Masiello Firefox and I know you can download it but here are some small instructions to download it. You're going to go to this file once you are done with that. We just need to go to this Web site which the document says dogs start selenium that are slashed down low and there are few instructions. So even these are changed from the time that I created the document. And what I'm going to show you instead. So don't worry about it but you're going to find everything on this website. So right now it is down to the latest 2.5 words. So you need to click this one according to the document but in reality it has change a little bit that I'm going to show you in this lecture. So let's quickly close that document. And we have already kind of copied the location. So let's put it up there and we are already on the download page right. So we called on a little bit previously I know this was on the top. So what we need to do is I'm just going to type come on our control over either on depending on your system. I want to say here in the lower left bottom you can see it on my Mac or it could be at a different place on your machine. So I'm just going to say silly name I.D.. So here's the section right. It is like way way down. So it is a section that's highlighted name I.D. So it talks a little bit about the silly name I.D. what it does. So basically it's a Firefox plugin and it's kind of for record and play infrastructure which we can use to record whatever actions we perform on the Web sites and then play them back. So it's kind of it's kind of automation right. Whatever we have done is recorded and we can play it back we save the test case and it's automated. So it's pretty cool pretty highly. Pretty fast and it's really fast you got to see this right now. And so it's really good but it's hard to know where is killable and robust to create a complete framework . So just just know that it's just an introduction to selenium mighty but we'll be focusing more on Selenium but try works because that's the core of our course. And that's what I focus on and that is something which is table and that can be used to create a very very robust and Steeg table unscalable framebuffer. So for now let's let's just work a little bit about what city in MIT and then we will finally work with selenium but terrible. So it says download the latest release Weishan from advanced On-Star muzzleloader. So you'll see previously we're showing the version number. Now you just need to go up there and it's a Firefox add on. So we are basically on the Muslim website which shows add ons that you could directly come to this website as well if you want to just keep an order of this. Just copy this location and then just click on Add to Firefox or it's still selenium. Eighty two point nine hundred one rhino and it might be different when you're watching the video. So just click on the I do Firefox button and it's going to be. So I'll just go ahead. And it says ask me to install it on the not installed. And it says it's on us. I can just say yeah I want a restart. So it really started my machine and I can check on my Firefox and I can just go to the menu on the right hand side top right hand click on Add ons and I need to go to extensions and I can see somewhere. So here is my selenium ID. So here is the thing that's installed. So this city name I.D. button just forget about it. I don't I don't care about this one. This is the city of MIT. This is the one that we just installed. So we have it installed we we under decide. So you don't want we'll just take a quick look at Howard walk's. So I'm just going to. So this is where it's going to show up. The button on the browser where are the ad on show like the ad block does it grab and all those things . So here's the selenium ID. I'm just going to click on this and see when I'm off. When I open it it is by default recording. So this is the red button that you see it is now recording collector's top regarding So by default will be open and it it's already recorded. And it says fast and slows you know what fosters really fast you don't want it running this because you might have issues as well sometimes it's not able to record all those things so better to run it slow and it's better to watch also and slow because it's a rowboat tried. It's Danfoss sometimes we humans wouldn't be able to follow what it's doing. It's really beneficial to put it on snow. So you know what I'm just going to put up here and I'm going to say Google dot com it. And I'm retired let's call tech and I'm going to explicitly click on this. You know what I'm just going to show your failure. It's just going to had in there and click let's call it. And after that I'm going to go to you. Go to the. And that's pretty much it right. So let's say this quake was in action. So it kind of caught it all. All those tips like all of this. Were you idle which is a lot comments like this and then type the value let's call it and then click and wait on the link. Let's call it and then click on the dropdown menu which was the courses this is most likely the idea of starting and we're going to say yes we are done. So stop it. Stop the recording and the test. His name is untitled so we can just right click good and maybe just go to our own bodies. We can give it a decent name maybe. Let's call that something like that and take it. So what I can do is I can just say I don't see it this way. So I just I can just go ahead here. So this one is to run the entire suite if you have more test cases but they're actually not going to do that. We're going to focus more on the real stuff. And then it says that play current test case failed. It's just that so I'm just going to do this and put it sideways. It's called it and it fits right. It is see that it fails it fails on click and wait. And it says this one this line is Red Tails of there. So what happens is if by hit enter and all those sort of thing sometimes it does not take on the city MIT. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to select all of these steps right click delete all of them and again I'm just going to say this time I'm going to say a collector card because we start recording recording and I know I'm going to see Call Girl. We're going to redo this thing so let's call it and then I'm going to explicitly click on this or up . So when it shows up there I'm going to go ahead and click on this link and then I'm going to go ahead and click on the Course's link. So when it completes the reload of the site the loading of the browser. I'm just going to open my city name I.D. and then we can say yes man stop recording. I hate it again. Again they caught it on those terms. So they're good. And right now I can just again say that just when I'm on that side and click on play. Current test case. So just open Google outcome type Let's go ahead and hit enter. Then when you click on let's call it and then click on courses. So we are on the course in space so divides us not I'd be automated something. And if you have a very basic simple test case something like that you have already automated it. So congratulations guys on the first automation. So that's pretty much it for I know because I don't want to kind of put a lot of information right now at all or or you guys. So just waiting for the next lectures. And I would say practice this a little bit down a little in MIT and play around a little bit limited if any so. But don't don't worry a lot about this because we're going to focus a lot more on Selenium driver in creating a framework. This thing is just for fun to get a feel of what automation is. But don't worry about it a lot because as you saw it right. It failed for the first time and I hid under it can feel a little bit like that but we won't going to focus more on in the background which is a lot more stable and which is the future which is the tool for the automation. This is kind of fun stuff. So that's where other guys stay tuned for the next lectures. Thanks for ending this on access